Monday 28 December 2009

The Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

"The Tree Top Walk"
Sungai Sedim,Kedah

World's Longest Canopy Walk , Malaysia
Sungai Sedim Forest Reserve entrance

p/s:its such a rural place,dare2 collect
RM2 parking fee from me
Current World's Longest Canopy Walk
i m here..wakaka
Entrance Ticket and Ticket Counter

p/s: its price a bit out of expected high
Special Spider Web

p/s:accidentally found by my little bro
me is now at 26050mm from forest level
at that shaking n movable canopy walk
some few place of canopy wall check pointA multi-millions high rise truss canopy walk
project by Malaysian Goverment
in develop of eco-tourism at here
High Point View Of River-let
Forest d flora and fauna , and ANTs

p/s:found of KULIM tree,its because here KULIM area


  1. yup, i knew this place!!! wonderful!!!
    nanged u. Want to know more about the responsibility of a blogger? nang this

  2. @janice wonderfull here d

  3. nice nature holiday for relaxation...i like that spider looks fake but i know it's real..hehe..i must go check it out (not the spider web) if i have the time..

  4. Parking fee is RM2 is not bad ady ler.. if KL surely at least RM5! :) So.. be grateful and happy! haha! Merry Xmas n Happy New Year!

  5. @travel u go look for it la...i thk d spider web not around thr d..haha

  6. @wen pink ...erm,kl d i owis noe for it parking fee is damn expensive...coz i m suffer on it all among the day here...wakaka

  7. This place is really wonderful..ask me..coz i work here..lolz..thanks for visiting us come again..about the parking fee i would like to stress here that it is collected by different company..not us..we also offer wide of adventure activities from high risk to low risk..we are welcoming any school, University student and corporate group to join our teambuilding and jungle survival not hesitate to contact me uhh..sorry for the long comments..huhu..

  8. @hoodedlicious okok..thx for remind me abt the parking fee...erm,i ll go there for my another adventure trip sooner..(ur comment is nice dun b shy for longer comment on my blog..wakak)

  9. i can see u really enjoy @ sedim. plz welcome back bro.

  10. @adam hehe..okok..sure lar..