Tuesday 15 December 2009

Hard Rock Cafe @ Penang

last night i has been disappear from home,where i go??
haha, i go to Hard Rock Hotel,Penang for a night trip.
its the one of the famous 5star hotel in world with it good
reputation on Hard Rock Cafe.

#reach batu ferringgi there around 11pm #
first look on this hotel,modern style luxury building in front on me.

Visiting it swimming pool area...wohoo..
really feel alike at beach when nearly it swimming pool
(its swimming pool with sand inside)
the hotel room are connected directly to swimming pool
(can jump to pool after open d door)

# unexpected thing happen here,no need guess#
misunderstanding with the hotel services
hotel lobby with artist suit expo and also Christmas decoration

me in such an ugly photo...
(look terrible)
yaya..nw we waiting turn for taking photo with Hard Rock Guitar.
(have one gang having photo there before us)
yes,finally..i take photo with guitar
my favorite photo
yoyo..take photo with MJ(Michael Jackson) in front of cafe
#what i m doing?cleaning his shoes..wakakaka#
after this visit , straight go in to hard rock cafe.
here we are Band on it..
inside there really Rock n Roll whole night long
i really enjoy on its environment
i love ROCK

#whole cafe are jumping high with music#
#listen to Beyond(Hong Kong famous band) song too#
Drink menu
# on refinement board#
our drinks
# cant remember which drink name#
all my proudly invited guest
everybody there boom with music...
#shout together#

inside there have Rock Shop selling all HR souvenir
this underage guy was fall sleep on that timetissue with a warmly lip mark
bill on that day : RM272.55


p/s : hard rock cafe have age restriction for under 21..take note
p/s : luckily...no drunk..no drink beer


  1. Why Yong Jie can enter?? Lol~ bad bad Yong Jie^^

  2. @claudia thx ya...
    @yongjie he seledup inside d

  3. dude, next time you bring me to Hard Rock Cafe ... I got 10% off for food and beverage... some more first available table without even need to queue up.. :p

  4. @TZ wow..u hv privilege card?quite a nice suggestion..i try figure out the suitable time..

  5. LOL u cleaned Micheal Jackson's shoessS?? HAHAHA!

  6. i can see that all of you were enjoying yourself that nite..great..HR is really awesome..

  7. @wen pink yalar..feel like that to clean for him..wakaka..dream i thk..

  8. @hoodelicious keke..v purposely go there d..sure nid enjoy on it..la..but there really a place to relax