Thursday 17 December 2009

Avatar @ GSC Sunway Carnival

Now showing new updated
Movie of the year, expensive production from Twentieth Century-Fox Film,
its almost alike Titanic. From same director James Cameron
Movie storyline very amazing.
it most about interaction between Human and epic at other world
Human which from Earth wish to occupied some rarely resource on the world
with murdering innocent and destroy their warming home
is for what purpose?
For money
isn't human bloodiness? isn't human choose to be that?

On that fantastic world, they believe on GOD
there are so many mystery thing which cant read by high-tech scientific equipment
they believe God bring them living chance
they believe God bring them experience

On that unpolluted mystery world, feel so good?
Have wide clean pretty landscape
Have clean clear water
Have nonpolluting environment

That floating land is so amazing to me

last night, go watch Avatar which have 2++ hours movie,
its end around 3am..wohoo..wonder out is only first day of show
its only appear 11.55pm show on yesterday

Overall not bad , something out of expected story ll happen

p/s :Wish to live without any apprehension


  1. Wow. I am gonna watch this movie very soon and hearing ur positive comments, I cant wait to watch it. :)

  2. Wah..i can't wait to watch this movie.

  3. @himmat thx ur comment too...catch it nw..rely nice watch

  4. @willie go watch it before it fade out..dun regret to miss it..keke