Monday, 4 January 2010

Carl's Junior @ One Utama

Time is 7pm++ reach One Utama from Genting Hill Top
another task for finding dinner here
look around , watch around
decide go eat at Carl's Junior fast food Franchise
Its located an obscurity place , hard to find it
located at Old Wing , Ground floor
(same row with Canton-I fast food)
First impression , nothing wrong with it
Environment ---- OK
Service ---- OK

but we face out this problem:
1) no ice cube ( Carbonic Drink w/out ice , feel bad)
2)no official receipt ( no purchase proof , cant identify)
(its too bad , my fren nearly no food to eat after order)
3) Burger is not hot ( is cold after few bites)
4) waiting number FINISH ( it just few plate on it)
(food delivery is slow?)
(my fren is sharing same plate number ,
accidentally delivery wrong order to him)
Fries,Superstar with Cheese ,
Crispy Chicken

p/s:definitely ,fries is great to me,not salty
Burger is huge,Top class Chili and tomato sauce consumed
Bill :RM29.75

Official Site (international)

remark : tiring day , time for sleep after eat ,
my holiday still happening on 2ml
(wait for another post)


  1. What you meant by no official receipt? Isn't that the receipt? Is that a fake one? It's gonna get messy. Lol.

  2. @chili crab ..there d cashier not issue my fren official reciept...

  3. :Carl's Junior:
    First impression , nothing wrong with it
    Environment ---- OK
    Service ---- OK
    but finally disappointing... hmmm the receipt there in cashier..
    "It's gonna get messy"

  4. @yunchun yaya..very disappointing on their service department

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