Monday 14 December 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

once again,Nuffnang @ MAS offer contest based on
new launchingmobile booking service to traveler

Prize offer - Flight ticket
its really a convenience for those who traveler with only
mobile phone they bring.
all guest can check their flight easy anywhere
with their only mobile phone
log in to
for booking service or other flight information

by this service, i dont ever suffer from the lagging system
while is peak on
Malaysia Airlines website
and ever can catch cheap ticket on time via mobile phone as well
while other still suffer on lagging website. is simple but full use of function
same as on Malaysia Airlines website
is easy as "abc" and step to use

its such a big convenience to us and of cause other !!!

p/s :i m user


  1. @hazwan hehe..thx ar...i hope to win oso..i wan go abroad

  2. Hey there. The post is not bad. Good luck! :)

  3. @kelvin thx ya..visit owis ya