Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge @ Taman Ponderosa, Johor Baru

Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge @ Taman Ponderosa, Johor Baru

Had been to Brazzo in Jalan Serampang for dinner before and this round we tried Brazzo in Taman Ponderosa for lunch. We were told that Brazzo has been offering affordable lunch sets during weekdays for workers who intend to have a quick and decent lunch. 

Pork Sausage
Some of the dishes in the lunch set menu are also available in dinner menu, but the prices are much lower. I ordered my favourite pork sausage, comprising three pieces of sausage, mashed potato and salad. The sausage is topped with the specially made sauce, dark in colour but sweet and sour in taste, which is very refreshing to match with the meaty dish.

Grilled Chicken Thigh
Grilled Chicken Thigh is one of the Brazzo's signature. It is paired with french fries and salad. Smart choice to have chicken thigh for this dish, as it is very tender and smooth, slightly grilled to perfection and topped with the fruity tasted sauce. The french fries has added a brownie point too, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, we ate it with the grilled chicken sauce instead of chillies sauce, which were perfectly matched too.

As we visited the restaurant on a special occasion, the brownie was given as a complimentary dessert. perfectly ended our lunch.

Address : Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge
10G, Jalan Ponderosa 2/1, 
Taman Ponderosa
81100 Johor Baru

Business Hour : Mon - Sat  12pm - 1am
Tel : 07-351 3034

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Toast 土司坊 @ Permas Jaya, Johor Baru

The Toast 土司坊 @ Permas Jaya, Johor Baru

The Toast is a local brand in Johor Bahru, started its initial business in shop houses. With its decent foods and reasonable price, it has become famous within a very short period of time. To expand its business, it has also started a new outlet in Taman Permas. This building where the new outlet is located, is very eye catching. The existing glass design and high ceiling of the unit has made the restaurant very spacious and bright, provides a very comfortable environment to dine in. 

The Toast has been a popular place for breakfast among Johor Bahru-ian, with wide range of local breakfast dishes, i.e. Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Mee Mamak, Chui Kueh and various toast.

Soya 豆浆 RM2.70 , Yuan Yang 鸳鸯 RM2.60
There are quite a number of choices for drinks too. We had Soya and Yuan Yang (coffee and tea mixed).
Margerin Kaya 烤面包(牛油+咖椰)  RM2.30
One should not give a pass to margerin kaya toast in The Toast. As you see from the picture, a very generous spread of margerin and kaya on the bread. Very satisfying!

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing 椰浆饭加炸鸡翅  RM8.30
The Nasi Lemak was a smart choice too. Look at the portion and side dishes, definitely worth more than the price. 
Zhui Kueh 水粿  RM3.40
We never thought of zhui kueh being offered in a cafe and surprisingly, it tasted not bad.

This is a very good place for family breakfast as the variety of foods will definitely satisfied everyone. Although it was quite crowded when we visited, the foods were actually served quite fast. We will definitely re-visit this place for its good foods and service.

Address : The Toast 土司坊
Lot 2110,Jalan Permas Utara,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS : N 1 30.774  E 103 49.080

Tel : 07-388 6880
Business Hour : 8am - 9pm

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Caffebene @ Johor Baru City Square, Johor

Caffebene @ Johor Baru City Square, Johor

Korean desserts are very trendy nowadays. Compared to other Korean desserts, Bingsu is one of the most popular and elaborate snack among Malaysians, in this country which has summer throughout the year. Caffebene originated from Korea, started its development in Malaysia not long ago and this one in City Square is the first outlet in the southern region of Malaysia.

The simple yet inviting exterior design of the outlet. The corner lot with both sides' doors opened make the shop looking spacious and comfortable.
Strawberry Bingsu (Single) RM16.80
A fruity bingsu is definitely our choice after a heavy dinner. Fresh strawberries are sandwiched with the milky shaved ice, rendering the whole dessert very refreshing. Eating strawberry dessert with read bean paste is something new to us, not a bad combination. I especially love the sorbet ice cream on top. 

Frappeno Caramel (Regular)  RM12.70
Caffebene has quite a number of choices for beverages as well, mainly coffee. We ordered a Frappeno Caramel for sharing. The taste is of average, still unable to beat the big brand. We like the fragrance of caramel, but Caffebene's version is slightly too sweet to my tastebud.

Address : Caffebene
Level 3, Johor Baru City Square

Bussiness Hour : 10am - 10pm