Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Baan Na-na Thai Cuisine @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru

Baan Na-na Thai Cuisine @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru

This is our re-visit to Baan Na-na. It was quite a long time after our first visit and this round, we found few other interesting set meals and dishes in the menu.
Roselle Drink 洛神花茶 RM3.80
Ice Milk Tea 泰式奶茶 RM4.80
After the promotional period, there is no complimentary house drink anymore. the Iced Milk Tea that I had was part of my set meal and we ordered another Roselle Drink, which we found to be very nice and refreshing during our first visit.

Fruits Salad 水果沙拉
The fruit salad was part of my set meal too, comprising few tropical fruits, i.e. guava, pineapple and watermelon. I could not tell what makes the salad dressing, but it was of little spicy and tangy.
Pandan Chicken 泰式班兰鸡  RM4.50 / Piece
Pandan chicken as our side dishes and I would say this is a must-order in Baan Na-na. Price wise, I feel it is quite expensive for a not-very-big piece pandan chicken. But taste wise, it was heavenly good, the chicken was soft and well marinated. We will definitely come back for this pandan chicken in the future.

Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti 泰式海鲜意大利面 RM16.80
Thai Baan Na-na is offering few fusion main courses for lunch, Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti is one of them. It may sound odd to match spaghetti with tom yam, but surprisingly it turned out to be very nice and perfectly match Asian's taste bud. Spaghetti used to be tasted very heavy with creamy sauce, this was very refreshing with the appropriate sourness from tom yam and a hint of lime. 

Pad Thai 泰式炒粿条 RM13.80
We ordered Pad Thai too, but this was a little bit too sweet to my flavour.despite the optional chilies powder added to the kuey teow. I would probably skip this for our future visits. But overall, I like most of the dishes offered by Baan Na-na, the best part is they serve customers with their sincerity, the lady boss always greets the patrons with warm and welcoming big smile, the presentation of the food resembles fine dining standard and I always feel their efforts in improving and making the dishes better. 

Address : Baan Na-na Thai Cuisine
33A & 35A, Jalan Kuning 2, 
Taman Pelangi, 
80400 Johor Bahru

Business Hour : 10.30am - 2.30pm / 5pm - 10.30pm
Tel : 07-336 0980

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Morganfield's @ Zenith, Johor Baru

Morganfield's @ Zenith, Johor Baru

Morganfield has first landed within the southern region in Mount Austin, a recent-developed party area. As we are staying in the downtown area, the heavy traffic to Mount Austin has prevented us from visiting this famous pork rib restaurant. Now, it has expanded its business right in the middle of town by having an outlet at Zenith, the newly opened hotel cum serviced apartment.  

Magners Cider  RM46.90
Definitely not to miss beer out and I enjoy trying something new to me. Magners Cider is a mild beer, which is very smooth and refreshing, goes well with the heavy dishes. Not too sure if the promotion in ongoing, we had this at RM46.90 with a free half pint.
Apple Juice  RM11.90

Sizzling Whole Chicken Leg  RM39.90
Other than the famous pork rib, there are many other good foods on the menu too. We ordered a sizzling whole chicken leg, which was served on a hot plate. The chicken leg was marinated well, very flavourful, I like the baked mini potatoes too, cute and soft. The dish was also served with mixed vegetables as sides. To retain the freshness and sweetness of the vegetables, they were placed on the hot plate just before the dish was served, but I found it a little bit too raw :P
Hickory BBQ Pork Ribs - Half Slab  RM54.90
The pork rib is normally for sharing and hence the portion is quite generous. I would say the pork rib deserves its reputation. The pork rib was off-the-bone soft, but remained juicy. It paired well with the cider beer too.

Address : Morganfield's
G-03 & G-03A, 
Suasana,82C, Jalan Trus
80000 Johor Bahru

Bussiness Hour : 11am - 11pm
Tel : 07-288 6638

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bamboo Land Seafood Restaurant 翠竹园海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Indahpura, Kulai

Bamboo Land Seafood Restaurant 翠竹园海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Indahpura, Kulai

Having casual dinner in Bamboo Land Seafood Restaurant, a famous tzu-char restaurant in Kulai. The restaurant is located in a residential area, so it is always crowded with families for dinners, especially during weekends. It is also popular due to its reasonable pricing and decent food portion. Let's see what we had for our dinner:

KungPo Lala 宫保啦啦 RM22
Ordered this KungPo (dried chilies) Lala, which the tangy flavour definitely goes well with rice. Anyway, Bamboo Land's version of KungPo Lala is rather sweet, suitable for everyone in the family, be it adult or children.
Qing Long Cai 青龙菜  RM18
Qing Long vegetable has been a regular vegetable dish we often order and we have not missed it out for this round too.
Sizzling Beancurd 铁板豆腐  RM16
It was a family dinner and hence the sizzling beancurd was ordered. Sizzling Beancurd has always been one of the all time favourites, a simple yet savoury dish to go with rice. We normally opt for Japanese egg beancurd, which is more flavourful.

Teow Chew Steamed Red Snapper  潮州蒸红潮  RM70
To make the dinner slightly more sumptuous, we ordered a steamed red snapper too. There are few flavours of steamed fish to choose from, and we get the Teow Chew steamed, which is lighter in flavour and minimum seasoning, but definitely enable us to enjoy the freshness and natural sweetness of the fish.

Dinner for five pax (including a big fish) only costed us less than RM150, I consider the pricing quite reasonable and the decent portion of the dishes definitely worth the price. This is indeed a good place for family dinner if you are not looking for a super big feast, but simply want a rest from daily cooking at home. The dishes taste very close to home-cooked foods, which are lighter in flavour and not too sinful to eat more. 

Address : Bamboo Land Seafood Restaurant 翠竹园海鲜饭店
5229 , Jalan Matahari 34/4,
Bandar Indahpura,
81000 Kulai, Johor 

Business Hour: 5pm till late
Tel : 07-660 8063 / 012-768 7255 (阿烈)