Wednesday 28 August 2013

Back Alley Foodstall 后巷美食街 @ Taman Century, Johor Bharu

Back Alley Foodstall 后巷美食街 @ Taman Century, Johor Bharu

Last week, while we were looking for the famous pork satay, we accidentally found the food street hidden  in a back alley and thought the back alley is our destination for pork satay. After having a short walk along the alley, we did not find a single satay stall inside. But since we were having a empty stomach, we decided to dine in here. The are variety of foods hidden in the alley. Stalls are comprised by around 10 pushcarts, and only appear after 6pm.   
From our observation, the food here has a wide coverage from Laksa, Char Kuey Teow, Steamed Rice Cake (Chui Kuey), Yong Taufu, Fried You Tiao stall, Mee Hoon Kuey, Chicken Noodles to beverage and  dessert stall. Despite its hidden location, this place is still packed with people. 
"Chui Kueh" is one of the famous food in southern Malaysia, but hardly can get this at night, surprisingly, we found a Ngee Heng chui kueh stall here. The price for the small portion with 4 pieces is RM2.00, 6 pieces for RM3.00 and 8 pieces for RM4.00.
Steamed Rice Cake (Chui Kuey)  水粿  RM2
Steamed rice cake topped with dark soy sauce and fried preserved radish. The preserved radish is very savoury,  perfectly match with the rice cake which has lighter flavour, simple yet satisfying my fussy stomach.

The truck selling chee cheong fun is right at the entrance of the back alley, offering Chee Cheong Fun at RM1 per piece, and Yam Cake 芋头糕 at RM0.90 per piece. The advantage to have Malaysia style of chee cheong fun is that we can add on side dishes suit to your liking. 
Chee Cheong Fun 加料猪肠粉 RM6.80
My chee cheong fun, yam cake and various side dishes, blanketed with the sweet dark soy sauce, a typical Malaysia street food indeed! The chee cheong fun is very smooth and the sweet dark soy sauce successfully opens up the flavour. Fish balls and fish cakes are pre-made product from factory, but still goes well with the chee cheong fun and the sauce.

Surprisingly, the yam cake that I ordered was also added and mixed into with chee cheong fun! A new combination and new try, the overall taste is not bad too. 

There are so many good foods awaiting to be discovered and we will definitely come back to try on the rests. 

Address : Jalan Harimau Tarom
80250 Johor Bahru ,Johor
(Opposite Pelangi Plaza and behind Standard Chartered Bank)
GPS : N01 28.778'  E103 45.844'

Bussiness Hour : 6pm till late

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Universal Studio Singapore 新加坡环球影城 @ Sentosa, Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore 新加坡环球影城 @ Sentosa, Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore is all-time-crowded tourism spot in Singapore, visiting Universal Studio Singapore during festive season is definitely not the best choice. But it is such a tourism spot cannot be missed out if you ever visit Singapore! So despite the risk we cant utilize the fun and enjoy the facilities there, we headed to USS too.
The big globe at the entrance of themed park indicates the starting point of our journey of adventure in the infamous Universal Studio. 

Step onto Hollywood Boulevard framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Walk of Fame, you will feel as if you have landed in the center of the entertainment universe.

Based on the hit DreamWorks Animation film, Madagascar, this zone brings you to a dense tropical jungle, filled with strange and wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas.

Join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, the four heroes from Dreamworks Animation's blockbuster movie Madagascar, as they embark on an unforgettable river ride adventure in Madagascar : A Crate Adventure.
Far Far Away
Movie stars and talking donkeys… come experience the lifestyles of the rich and fairy-taled. Guests can enjoy Shrek 4D Adventure or sing along with our favorite steed at Donkey LIVE.

Shrek 4-D Adventure
Help save Princess Fiona in a totally in-your-face fairy tale adventure. Through the miracle of OgreVision you’ll see, hear, and actually FEEL the action right from your seat!

Join Princess Fiona, Shrek and Donkey on a honeymoon adventure that picks up where the Oscar-winning movie “Shrek” left off, through an original 3-D film, complete with jumps, bumps, bounces, air blasts and water spray that bring the action to life for each guest- with an extra dimension of special effects through the miracle of OgreVision glasses.

Enchanted Airways
Guests of all ages climb aboard Donkey’s beloved Dragon for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond. At Enchanted Airways, a merry cast of fairy tale creatures — from the Three Little Pigs to the Big Bad Wolf, from Gingy to Pinocchio — forms part of a magical airline in the form of a junior coaster that serves destinations throughout the World of Shrek!
The Lost World®
Divided into two themed areas: Jurassic Park™ and WaterWorld™, this zone is for fans of the two blockbuster movies, as they can experience a dense tropical forest where dinosaurs lurk, then watch death defying stunts filled with thrills and spills!
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
It’s lunch time at Jurassic Park™ and you’re on the menu. Featuring a white water raft system with state-of-the-art animatronics and a thrilling white water drop, thrill-seekers on circular rafts will be tossed on waterways within the Jurassic Park compound, where prehistoric creatures roam free.
Canopy Flyer™
Board your dino-proof flying vehicle as you enjoy a prehistoric bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park™.

Based on the blockbuster film, "Waterworld", witness a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water at this sensational live water show.

Ancient Egypt
Ancient pyramids and obelisks stand fast against the sands of time as you are transported to 1930’s Egypt, the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration. Travel to an era when entire Pharaohs tombs were discovered- and their terrible curses unleashed.
Revenge of the Mummy®
Plagued on all sides by huge fireballs, swarms of scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies, all in total darkness. 

Can you survive the awesome power of Imhotep’s curse or will you be entombed inside forever? 
Hollywood Dreams Parade™
Be amazed as Madagascar, Revenge of the Mummy®, Jurassic Park and Shrek come to life in the all-new Hollywood Dreams Parade™. Dance and sing along to the thrilling beats with all your favourite characters in this captivating spectacle as you join the chorus of energetic dancers and magnificent floats that go beyond your imagination. Celebrate the movies you love as the streets of Universal Studios Singapore® come alive right before your very eyes.

Sci-Fi City
The city of the future has arrived. Through the impressive portals of Sci-Fi City you will experience the ultimate intergalactic battle of Good vs. Evil and visit a vibrant metropolis with all the ultimate modern conveniences.
Transformers The Ride : The Ultimate 3D Battle
Get ready to experience this hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, right in the middle of all the action in the incredible world of TRANSFORMERS. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as villainous DECEPTICONS invade NEST Headquarters to steal the ALLSPARK. And you’ve been volunteered to take it to safety and save our planet! Race through the city, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across high-rise rooftops, hanging on for dear life. Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS as you become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil.
New York
Feel the spirit and energy of America's biggest and grandest city as you stroll along the sidewalks and enjoy all the classic landmarks. Soak in the impressive city skylines, neon lights, and facades that set the scenes for big city fun and real-time movie production.
Lights, Camera, Action!™
Be blown away by incredible special effects as an empty soundstage becomes the setting for a Category 5 major hurricane about to hit New York City. As you stand in a boathouse by the harbor, watch how a calm day suddenly turns stormy. 

Brace yourself as hurricane-force winds sweep in from the sea and drive a cargo ship and debris towards the boathouse you’re in. Calm soon returns and the damaged boathouse restores itself, all thanks to movie magic.

Good Bye Sentosa!

Address : Universal Studio Singapore 
11 Sentosa East Mall, 
Singapore 099054

Tel : 6577 8888

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Singapore River Cruise @ Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay

Singapore River Cruise @ Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay

I don't know how many rivers Singapore has, but there is only one I know and should not missed out in Singapore--Singapore River. The most famous river in Singapore, aslo fondly known as "The River", the Singapore River spans 3.2 km from the sea to it's upper reaches in Kim Seng Road. The Boat Quay banks in 1823 were first to have offices, wharehouses, godowns and jetties; then subsequent developments continued up-river, along the banks of Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, and later even further upstream, near the upper reaches and the Source of the Singapore River. What is the best way to visit Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay in one shot from a best angle?
How about jumping onto a river taxi a.k.a Singapore river cruise? The following are my experience on Singapore River Cruise:
Clarke Quay
Our river cruise started with Clarke Quay. In the early 1980s, clarke quay was a noisy scene of "tongkangs" (bumboats) and "twakows" (lighters) jostling bow and stern for a place to dock And unload their cargoes. Lying near the mouth of the singapore river, the site of clarke quay was the centre of commerce during the late 19th century. 

Today, Clarke Quay is still buzzing with life and activity. The waterfront godowns now play host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. The bustling market atmosphere of bygone days comes alive amidst the rows of charming shophouses, and five-foot-way merchants. 

The emotive quality to Clarke Quay could best be described as celebratory. In the day, you can immerse yourself in discovering refurbished warehouses packed with curios, gifts and speciality shops. 

In the evening, Clarke Quay becomes a huge night bazaar where you can lose yourself in a maze of restaurants. 

Clarke Quay is a delightful mix of modern and traditional. A reminder of its rich heritage is reflected in the vibrantly orchestrated concept. Their vision - an innovative approach which boldly reflects the heritage and charm of Clarke Quay.

Boat Quay 
Evening time when the neon lights beckon, colourful facades and playful thematic restaurants and pubs turn Boat Quay into the River's most appealing pedestrian walk. Take the time to enjoy the intoxicating blend of cocktails and cosmopolitan array of mouth-watering cuisine, which will satisfy even the most finnicky eater. 

Imagine that only a century ago, sun-tanned coolies and swaylos (water-hands) balanced heavy gunny-sacks of rice over their shoulders, with springy gangplanks under their feet, loading and unloading a bewildering plethora of produce. When Raffles signed the agreement securing the auspicious title of free port for Singapore, this instantly triggered a landslide of immigrants from neighbouring countries. Within six months, Boat Quay became a hothouse for trading, and in the 1860's, three quarters of all shipping businesses were done at Boat Quay. Here was the starting point of all that is Singapore today; affluent, hardworking and adamant on success.

The price for a river cruise is quite reasonable:

Singapore River Experience
Adult ticket S$15, Child ticket S$8 (12 years and below), duration 30 min.

New River Experience
Adult ticket S$18, Child ticket S$10 (12 years and below), duration 45 min.

Address : Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay
Operating Hour
9am to 11pm daily (last boat at 10.30pm), 
regular departures at approximately 15-min interval