Saturday 29 May 2010

Dong Zen Temple @ Kampung Baru Jenjarom , Kuala Langat

Dong Zen Temple 东禅寺
Kampung Baru Jenjarom 仁嘉隆新村

Yesterday was the Wesak Day , a holiday for me...
and i grate to have this chance to visit here for once
i never been here before, i heard it from somebody mouth few years ago
is very famous temple at area here.

Cultivation Center

Floor Map for direction
Trademark of temple

landscape of herelandscape of here
inside Main Shrine is crowd
many people was queue to bath the Joss to get bless
Fo Guang Art Gallery

inside has three section of :
美术馆 Art Gallery
抄经堂 Copy Hall
舍利殿 Relics Shrine
many of the PLKN trainer is copying the scripture quitely

#can train someone to become more generous and intellect
舍利 殿 Relics Shrine

here must wear socks to feel respective to ancients

NOTE: Here the feel is too much commercial , u can come here
and feel it your own.

official site :

Thursday 27 May 2010

Oriental & Western Food @ Fu Shou Temple

Located at Kampung Baru Jenjarom , Fu Shou Temple
(right in front of the Tian Ling Temple , Jenjarom)

(can see thru on the left hand side from the main road)

Dinner at here
Face look of the stall
Watermelon Juice , Green Apple Juice , Teh 'o'
西瓜汁 ,青苹果汁,Teh O

Yang Zhou Fried Rice
Lemon Sauce Chicken Rice

French Fries
Claypot Yee Mee

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Yoyoyo... now showing
Toy Story 3 has been back to big screen after 5 years
from ToyStory 2 and 10 years from Toy Story 1....
Yes..a bit supporter Toy Story at here.
Be catching this since me was primary and secondary...Am i was
the real Main Character as the same with HIM...
me was young that time
and i m grow up now..
Am i try to throw out all my out-dated toy to the
rubbish bag but me still keep some of them as my souvenir..
me have another TAMIYA and AUDI car as a part of my childhood...
me still can using this as my collection...kekeke..
puting out frame on my collection car...
RM200 per car believe it onot?
wakaka..i invest all my poket money on it..
has been won about RM200 before i thk so..
second prize and third prize..
i miss my childhood!!!!!!!!

i wish to have it new toy of bookworm...he can teach me how to stack on
the book as my beloved place to stay on..steal all the knowledge from the
book and so me no need to read anymore book for my rest of uni life..


Wednesday 26 May 2010

Restaurant Chi Yuen @ Kampung Baru Jenjarum

Dinner time at Restaurant Chi Yuen 聚园酒家
Kampung Baru Jenjarum

Located at Jalan Northern, just on road side only
The restaurant outlook not very attractive

#understand that many thing cant justify by just
looking on the outside but not the inside..
the food not bad
Pork Ribs Fried Mee
BBQ Pork Fried Rice

#the food price here is also not expensive plus the most
recommend food as above

You Tiao @ Kampung Baru Jenjarum

located at the hidden street in Kampung Baru Jenjarum

#for safe ask for direction from local people because of
is really dun have sign board for it..
Golden You Tiao

#Crispy as well
Red Bean Soup

#is really match with You Tiao
Ham Ciam Bang
Price list

Close on every Thursday

#for me is quite cheap lar for having snack here
Stall area
Cooking Area

#is very nice here using new oil for cooking
#not using other reusable oil

Tuesday 25 May 2010

My Wiggy Design (Design your ideal Wiggy)

This is my desired design of Wiggy..Wakakaka

Many white dot dot on the black Wiggy surface..keke
(style? like Zebra !!!!)

Episode 33

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Episode 35

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Restaurant Three Two Three @ Kampung Baru Jenjarum

Restaurant Three Two Three
Bah Kut Teh
323 瓦煲肉骨茶

#located at the end of the main road,on left hand right
just a short distance from Fo Guang Dong Zen (Temple)

Kampung Baru Jenjarom , Kuala Langat
Open from afternoon till late evening

You Tiao

Bah Kut Teh (soup)
肉骨茶 (汤)

The pork is soft and soup is very nice

Remark : The price is affordable too while full full ingredient

Friday 21 May 2010


What mostly u think when come to Adidas Brand?

Will think on Baseball , Basketball , Paintball?

Is the soccer ball
(round round the heading)

Adidas has come across few decade ago invent on part
of the sport suit ; Shoes , Stocking , Jersey , pant

and all this may come to the use at the football field
to let people play on the soccer ball

the used of shoes and stocking, jersey ,pant can make the
game more fantastic and ever champion game
is the way to express myself to Adidas as the use of its product
sometime make people feel proud of its own Quality

This Adidas football game maybe ever the great
Football meet Adidas is perfect match....

This coming years Adidas invent more and more product to make
the game more fantastic..
by come to Perfume , anti deodorant and much more

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Thursday 20 May 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole....Ole Ole...

Fifa world cup 2010 turning back

Whole world is mad with it right on the moment
can see all those the merchandise sold all the street
even the pirate one on the Petaling Street , KL

Maybe the China there is busy making all the product for sold
on the Fifa or final check the High Quality Ball for FIFA game

(i saw some article about this )

okok..back back to topic

Of course the world champion - Brazil
will be the top desired and famous football national team win the world cup

as far they are the frequent champion among all the national football team
around the world.
Guess Malaysia team will be in after 20,30,40 years

to catch the FIFA WORLD CUP qualification chances

Not only because of the playing skill ....
some support is because their Famous trademark
some support is because their handsome player
some support is because their friends do like it very much

haha...for seldom me watch the football match..
i duno ever all the football team name available
even who names the player i also dunno

i watch because of follow my friends and even follow the world trend
change time by its make me more topic among my colleagues

Ya...will catching the Brazil Team in the FIFA world cup game soon
by start 11/6/2010 till the Final game

(Brazil see u there)

I may be catch myself in front the laptop or TV to watch LIVE game
or choose the food stall place have Live game show and
do my blog while watching game show..

(nice plan)
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check this out

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Wednesday 19 May 2010

ABC Ice Kacang @ Kampung Baru Jenjarom

Night Time
ABC Ice Kacang
located at Kampung Baru Jenjarom
stall is place at 福寿宫 Fu Shou Temple
Front stall show up the big big sign of "ABC"
Nice ABC in town of Kampung Baru Jenjarum
ABC Ice Kacang

The nearby Mee stall have a nice food too...
#have few choices
Curry Laksa

found out here have a lot food stall but almost nearly 60% stall is
selling Malaysian favorite food NASI LEMAK

#if other ask me what the famous food here...i will said is
NASI LEMAK but not Bak Kut Teh or other food...seriously

#but some nasi lemak is really not so good

The Time Traveler's Wife @ Movie Time

An old old movie review about it
#now the time pass like snail and free out of internet
#so watch one by one previous download movie..
#pirate me...wakakaka

Now showing
Is a very nice story and interesting movie
a man who can time travel at anytime to anytime
who dunno where he will going and meet who

the story start when meet a little girl when her child till growth

and fall love with her

he will never die but was die before
because of his traveler body still on the earth keep
blink and blink

#very nice nice

Tuesday 18 May 2010

My Taste Kopitiam @ Banting Business Centre

Firstly , wan head to Mcdonalds, Banting for free WiFi and free flow coke
but end up with too crowd there and no plug for my Laptop

so have no choice change location to this Kopitiam
for free Wifi but not free drinks
My Taste Kopitiam

#just in front of the favorite Mcdonalds corner shop lot
here has promotion and must-try menu

Orange Juice
Honeydew Juice
favorite coke

#is too forgetful that time...we had order French fries
but is too rush and end up no take a single photo of it.

#free wifi here

Kaiji @ Movie Time

A movie about an intelligent person who not
afraid when facing problem

and so he will try on resolve it with smart way.

Now Showing

This movie focus on the point of the poverty society of Japanese
the world full of stress and face out of OUT-Dated

many people has lost job and fall into gambling
and die with gambling High debt

a way to escape from the world is Die..but not for HIM

Sunday 16 May 2010

Zhong Lu Kou Bak Kut Teh @ Jalan Kepayang , Klang

Restaurant Zhong Lu Kou

Bak Kut Teh

84B, Jalan Kepayang, Off Jalan Meru,
41300 Klang

Contact Number: 012-388 2386
Business time : 8am-2.30pm(morning)

Ya...this shop of Shi Yan Zai (四眼仔)
Very crowd in the shop during dinner time
Guang Ying Teh ( 铁观音)

Bak Kut Teh - Soup
Bak Kut Teh - Dry Hot Spicy

#eat four person dinner with only three person
#very full right now the time

Saturday 15 May 2010

How Many Wiggies?

This week Project Alpha come out a new pattern of contest..
here is count how many Wiggies inside a photo
(photo is as below)
this really a fair contest on this week

not on the first 50 person on the post..
but is based on double requirement
1) write blog on the first 50 person
beside this 2) must correct guess the number of wiggies
to claim to instant cash

i count till pening edy la..

count then forget count here count there...
recount and recount for few hours
get the number of 219

hey..fren u can guess too...
just log on to and join for contest

to get urself a win of P1 bag

NOTE: i has won myself a daily prize from project alpha contest on Ruumz

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Sunday 9 May 2010

Nasi Lemak Morib - Pantai Morib @ Banting

This is my first time visit Banting
And my very first blog about the food there

Famous Nasi Lemak Morib ( Chinese style rice)
at the place of Pantai Morib ( Morib Beach)

#just a corner beside reaching the Pantai Morib

Thanks for the recommend and guide -Yau Sen and Hui Kim

the stall look-over
Looking for a seat

Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak
(Rice wrap with banana leaf)
Reddish look on the rice

Fishball Soup
#is "spring" ball
Steam Squid on Spicy Sauce
#squid is mild and soft for bite

#my breakfast is on there
#beside that, can go visit the beach or Flying Kite nearby beach..