Tuesday 26 March 2013

Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 两成发茶餐室 @ Taman Perling, Skudai

Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 两成发茶餐室 @ Taman Perling, Skudai

I am born in Penang, a paradise of food. Being a Penang Kia, I am always proud with those delicious food in Penang, Beside the cultural heritage elements, good food with affordable price is always one of the attractions of tourist. But the distance between Singapore and Penang put a barrier for me to reach the good and nostalgic taste of Penang.

How to cure my yearn to Penang Food while staying 700KM apart from my lovely hometown? Last weekend, I get to know that there are two Kopitiams in Taman Perling, Skudai which are quite established with authentic Penang-ian all time favourite food such as Prawn noodles, Curry Mee, Fried Kuey Teow and Loh Mee. 
The first restaurant I visited is Leong Seng Huat. It was still quite packed with people when I arrived there around 3pm. There are few stalls in the shop, the one who occupied the front part is selling Loh Mee and Prawn noodles, there are a char kuey teow stall and Penang Kuey Teow Soup stall when you walk further into the shop. The business of the Prawn Noodles and Loh Mee stall was just too good on the day, it was sold out when I reached. Alternatively, I order for Char Kuey Teow and Johor Mee Hun Kueh for my Johorean girlfriend. Lol, combination of north and south.
Mi Hun Kueh 面粉粿  RM4
Sorry to introduce this Mi Hun Kueh first despite my intention of this post is Penang Food in Johor Bahru. Haha. Mi Hun Kueh is one of the all time favourite for most of the Johorean, it is called as Pan Mee in other parts of Malaysia. The slight difference is that Johorean likes to eat it in hand-tear pieces, but KL people prefer to eat it in long flat shapes. A bowl of authentic Johor Style Mee Hun Kueh cannot lack of fried anchovies (ikan bilis) on the top, some marinated lean meat and also the vegetable called "pucuk manis" (many people mistook the vegetable as sweet potatoes leaves where in fact it is not). This bowl of mee hun kueh according to the Johorean taste bud, is not the best one. So where is the best one? I will find it out and let you know.
Penang Style Char Kuey Teow
槟城炒粿条  RM4 (S)  RM5 (L)
I cannot remember how long ago I had my last Fried Kuey Teow. I ordered my Penang Char Kuey Teow and request the owner to add cockles for me with extra RM1.00, because I forgot Penang Style Char Kuey Teow already contains cockles. I am not sure is the menu itself misleading or I am too silly. Anyway, the char kuey teow is quite good and impressed. Even though it still cannot replace the original taste in my memory lane, it is still considered as a nice one with its "wok hei",  that's why they have such nice word of mouth everywhere.
My victory during second visit to the restaurant!
Hokkien Prawn Noodles 福建虾面  RM4 
The failure in seeking the prawn noodles and loh mee last week does not dampen my enthusiasm, I went down on the following weekend to try their famous Prawn Noodles and Loh Mee. Glad that I still manage to get this nice Prawn noodles at southern part of Johor. The soup although looks clear and not so thick, but is boiled with prawn head and pork bone, make it naturally sweet with the ingredients. Lean meat, boiled egg, prawn and shallot, make it more or less like a Penang Hokkien Mee, but can you spot what is lacking? They didn't put kangkung which is quite significant to a authentic Hokkien Mee.
Loh Mee  卤面  RM4
Another Loh Mee is my long waiting food, a big bowl of noodles in flavourful, smooth and thick broth, top with fish cake, meat and shallot, the ingredients are not too much different from prawn mee. Looks so tempting when the broth clings on every single noodles. A good choice during rainny day, simply warm my stomach.

Yeah, I am finally done with this restaurant's Penang food, I will hunt down the next one in the short future. Let's us compare which is better~

Address : Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 
169, Jalan Simbang, 
Taman Perling
81200 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 29.012'  E103 40.845'

Bussiness Hour : 7.00am to 3.30pm

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Food Decor 食尚玩家 @ Taman Sutera Utama, JB

Food Decor 食尚玩家 @ Taman Sutera Utama, JB

Last week, I accidentally noticed my Penang friends drive all the way to Legoland and Kitty City. Therefore, I grab my phone contact them whether want to meet up near to them. This is my first time meeting friends out  of my hometown area. My friends were quite surprise that I'm so familiar with this area. No doubt, since last three years I already had my chance to explore mostly the place in JB. On the other words, I can also be a Johorean soon?
Why I am choosing here for their dinner? Firstly, the place here is very near to LEGOLANDs the best strategic place for meeting up. Secondly, I wish to try their high recommended signature ramen as they put on the menu on every table. I am so addicted to Japanese Ramen. And since I had best Ramen in KL, my taste bud is quite pampered and picky now. 
Apple Flower 苹果花茶  RM7.90
There is a series of signature flower tea on the menu, Apple Flower is our choice. Every flower tea has its own function and health effect, which is clearly displayed on the menu. The apple flower is good for improving eyesight, promoting blood circulation and skin whitening. The tea emits the fresh flower fragrance. Although I didn't see any immediate-after-effect, the tea is definitely good to go with a heavy dinner, to wash down the greasiness.
Food Decor Ramen 食尚玩家拉面  RM12.90
The first main dish on the table was Food Decor Signature Ramen. Instead of handmade Ramen, this noodles perhaps come from convenient packet. But well, it is quite well cooked, so the texture of the noodles is springy and not too soft. The pork bone soup is quite flavourful, and it is of little bit over-salty after the long cook. One of the credit of this noodles is that it is so porky! A big bowl of noodles fully covered with pork belly slices. Yum Yum. Anyway, this is not the typical Japanese Ramen and definitely can't beat down the Ramen I had in KL. It is unfair to compare it with a Ramen Specialist Restaurant.
Rice Vermicelli With Chicken Soup 米酒鸡汤米粉  RM8.90
The restaurant is selling both Asian and Western food, but we still lean our preference to oriental and Asian flavour. The other choice of the day is Rice Vermicelli in Chicken Soup. I like the soup with some rice wine and herbal fragrance, very appetizing. The chicken is quite smooth and tender too. But I am not so into the combination of Bee Hoon and the soup, Bee Hoon does not absorb the essence from the soup very easily, it will be better if it comes with Mi Suah, maybe they can consider my suggestion?

Not so bad experience after all, I am quite impressed with their service. the waiter and waitress there deserve my compliment, act fast and also respond fast when I told them that my dish was not yet on table. Will come next round for their western food.

Address : Food Decor 食尚玩家
129, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 JB
GPS : N01 30.901'  E103 40.191'

Tel : 07-5621127

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 五福泰国餐厅 @ Batu Pahat ,Johor

Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 五福泰国餐厅 @ Batu Pahat, Johor

Whenever I have my holiday, I will explore to other place nearby to me. Today, I got my chance hunt down to Batu Pahat, where a place is kinda famous with their early industrial township planning. I have done a quick search on Batu Pahat good foods. Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant is one on my list for dinner. By the big words on the billboard, no doubt that  Wu Fu is famous and established with Thai food. 
It was still early when I reached the restaurant, it is not so crowded at that moment, make me feel adventurous to try on their foods. But immediately after we placed our order, the restaurant started to be crowded by families who come for dinner.
Besides that, I also impress with their quick services and response with customer complaint. Alternatively, they will also inform you which dishes are running out of ingredient and recommend other dish to replace the previous order. This action is very caring and thoughtful for those who wish to eat some special dish. I like this way.
Tom Yum Seafood 海鲜东炎  RM18
On a cold rainy day, one of the must is Tom Yum Soup. The spicyness and sourness are just appropriate and acceptable to me. I like their way in doing business, really generous in putting ingredients, and really worthy and deserve the price. The big cold styled steamboat contains big fresh prawn, squids, grouper ,mushrooms as well. It goes super good with rice. This menu quite a price-wise here.
BBQ Pork 烧烤五花肉  RM12.50
The other dish highly recommended by me is this BBQ Pork Belly. It simply looks attractive to me. The marinade of this pork belly playa an important role indeed, make it flavourful. And not too surprise, the pork belly still remains tender and juicy. The sweet sour Thai sauce turns the pork belly into another good flavour, very appetizing, can't help myself from reaching for more. And since the restaurant offers beers, this is one of the best and favourite snack food to pair with beer.  
Pineapple Fried Rice  黄梨炒饭  RM12
Not to forget a portion of carbohydrate, we order this Pineapple Fried Rice. The waitress told us this is two-person-portion, but it definitely not. Three of us can hardly finish the rice. Very satisfied. One of the reason I like Thai fried rice is that it comes with pineapple, not only provides some aroma of fruit, but also adds some natural taste of sweet and sour to the rice itself.
Green Curry Chicken 青咖哩鸡  RM11
Initially, we ordered for Pandan Leave fried chicken, but the kind waitress told us that the dish was sold out and we decide to replace with another chicken dish. Green curry becomes our choice. Not to disappoint us, the green curry comes with various ingredients, the coconut milk makes the curry gravy thick and aromatic. This is served in a not too big portion, but is enough to satisfy us.

At the conclusion, this is one of the highly recommended Thai restaurant at Batu Pahat. The overall only cost me roughly RM60 (3 persons with drinks). Next time I will probably come here again. If possible, I will also come for their famous seafood. I heard that their seafood are quite famous with affordable price too.

Address : Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 
56-57, Jalan Timah Sari, 
Kg Kenangan Dato Onn 1, 
83000 Batu Pahat ,Johor
GPS : N01 51.571'  E102 56.462'

Business Hour :  Mon -Sun  5pm -1am
Tel : 07-438 3293


Only 1,800 of these Limited Edition Drivers will be available at selected golf retailers worldwide with only 30 pieces to be sold in Malaysia

It’s almost time for the first Major of the year and COBRA Golf is celebrating by bringing golfers the AMP CELL  Limited Edition – Green Driver.

An AMP CELLTM head complete with MyFlyTM, SmartPadTM, E9 Face TechnologyTM and Advanced Material Placement, is paired with a Fubuki Green Shaft, LE headcover, LE wrench and, of course, is being released in ‘Season Opener Green.’

Only 1,800 of these Limited Edition Drivers will be available at selected golf retailers worldwide with only 30 pieces to be sold in Malaysia. Each driver is marked with a ‘1 of 1800’ stamp on the sole for authenticity.

“We are aiming to be the most desirable brand in golf,” commented Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing, COBRA. “It’s one of the most exciting times of the golf season and this Limited Edition Driver builds off of that energy. With all of our game changing technology, like MyFly and SmartPad, we are bringing game enjoyment to golfers everywhere,- the added desirability of a Limited Edition Driver for the first Major is exciting for our consumers.”

MyFly Technology offers a simple solution for golfers to optimize trajectory and distance. The Driver can be adjusted to the following lofts with a simple wrench; 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw and 11.5°. With MyFly, golfers can now customize their club based on swing speed (higher lofts for slower swing speeds and lower lofts for faster swing speeds), weather (lower lofts to bring ball flight down on windy days) and course conditions (higher lofts for more carry).

Unlike other drivers that require a golfer to adjust the sole plate after adjusting loft for a square face, COBRA’s proprietary SmartPad technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting and still allows for workability to slightly open or close the face as desired. 

COBRA’s E9 Face TechnologyTM with dual roll provides an elliptical face shape with a canted bulge and roll that improves distance and accuracy on mis-hits from heel to toe and above and below the centerline.  Advanced Material PlacementTM and Cell technology work together to enable a 12% larger elliptical E9 Face shape to deliver faster ball speeds and high MOI (moment of inertia) on mis-hits. The Cell technology saves and redistributes weight in a granular way and is visible on the drivers in the Cell band which wraps around to the crown. This wrap also visibly shows a golfer where the weight is distributed, with the Driver having a CG optimized for low-mid handicap players.

The AMP CELL Limited Edition – Green Driver is available in right handed models with My Fly technology which allows any driver you purchase to be adjusted from 8.5° to 11.5° loft settings, including 9.5° and 10.5° draw settings. It is available in Stiff and Regular flexes and features a Fubuki Green Shaft (60g S, 50g SR, 50g R and 45.75” length). The grip and Limited Edition Headcover and Wrench match the head of the driver in Season Opener Green.

AMP CELL Limited Edition – Green Driver(RRP: RM 2,490) will be available in selected retail stores by 18th March 2013 onwards

Tuesday 5 March 2013

U Desserts @ Taman Flora Utama, Batu Pahat, Johor

U Desserts @ Taman Flora Utama, Batu Pahat, Johor

Last few months, I visited to this Batu Pahat U Dessert Outlet. Although it already past so long, but I still can clearly remember that what they had served to me with low standard dessert, which is totally different from the picture displayed in menu. It is so true that the menu picture are for illustrating purpose only. While I visit another outlet with the same order, it come out totally out of expected with bigger portion.
Although the portion look smaller and not equivalent to menu show, but the colorful billboard still inviting my attention.
Durian Pancake 榴莲班戟  RM4 pcs
Sago and Kiwi 奇异果西米露  RM5.80
Sago and Durian 榴莲西米露  RM5.80
Mango And Pomelo In Sago Sweet Soup  杨枝甘露  RM8
Conclusion, I will never ever step in this outlet anymore due to inconsistent quality of food served, totally disappointed of this brand. I hope their franchiser will look into this matter and discuss further with franchise's. Negative comment is not good for franchise business.

Address : U Desserts 
26, Jalan Flora Utama 2, 
Taman Flora Utama,
 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
GPS : N01 52.066'  E102 56.851'

Business Hour : Sun-Thur 12noon-12am
Fri-Sat 12noon - 1am
Tel: 07-4325789

777 Open Air Food Court @ Skudai, Johor

On a even lunch time, I was attracted by the porridge enjoyed by my friend, too late to order the same because I had already placed my order for rice. So, I postponed my desire until supper time. This is one of the famous and biggest food courts in JB, where you can see the big crowd from far away. Beside that, there are more than 50 stall here, wide range from local cuisine, seafood to western cuisine, place where pampers me with choices.
Beside a bowl of porridge that I desired for whole day long, I also ordered a plate of kangkung cuttlefish to call a end of my day. 
Pork Intestine Porridge 猪肠粥  RM4.50
A warm porridge top with crispy fried intestine, simply cure my fussy stomach. The porridge itself is quite smooth and flavourful, it is even better with few drops of sesame oil.
Cuttlefish Kangkong 鱿鱼蕹菜  RM6
I found this is so much cheaper than in KL, a RM6 portion can be shared by two person. The sauce plays an important role, with some not-excessive sweetness, shower it with some peanut crunch on the top, make the texture better. Good snack food to pair with beer.

Address : 777 Open Air Food Court 
33, Jalan Perkasa 4,
Taman Ungku Tun Aminah,
81300 Skudai, Johor
GPS : N01 30.584'  E103 39.041'

Business Hour : 24am daily
Tel : 07-5543106

Monday 4 March 2013

Pita Oceana - The Ultimate Dive Watch

Pita Oceana 
The Ultimate Dive Watch.
Water resistant up to 5000 meters. A watch capable of this can easily be called the ultimate dive watch. Pita, an innovative Spanish watch brand, made this ultimate dive watch. The Pita Oceana. Pita Barcelona is Aniceto Jiménez Pita’s watch brand. Aniceto Pita (1947) is a self-taught watchmaker who has been passionate about watches since his childhood. At age 11 he made his first clock and in 1971 he opened his first clock shop in Barcelona. Starting in 1990 Aniceto started developping his own time setting mechanism (Pita-TSM), which was patented in 2003.
Water resistance is most influenced by the weak spots of the watch case, like the crown, caseback and crystal. These case elements create potential leaks and are usually secured by rubber o-rings. Suppose there’s no caseback or crown. That watch is the Pita Oceana. By using two patented systems, Pita creates a water-entry free case. Without crown and caseback, the Pita Oceana offers water resistance to 5,000 meters. The 43mm case has a 9.8mm thick crystal that is fixated in the case without seals, so there is no need of maintenance. The rotating bezel has 120 clicks or positions to keep track of the diving time. Furthermore the star-shaped second hand is a chronomatic depth-meter. The points have different colors. Under water some colors can’t be recognized from a certain depth. So based on the color you can’t see anymore you can estimate the depth. Inside the Pita-003 movement is the beating heart. It’s a heavily modified ETA-2678, featuring the two patented systems, to allow setting time under water.

Pita Barcelona watches are exclusively available at RED ARMY WATCHES boutiques (Pavilion KL, 1 Utama, Tropicana City Mall) 

For more info, please log on pita.es or Facebook: www.facebook.com/RedArmyWatchesMalaysia


Celebrate Your Most Auspicious Moment of Life in Bliss & Style 
Love birds build their nest as a symbolic act for their family, same goes to humans as couples start to prepare to build their own nest with comfort and splendor to begin the most important chapter in their lives, marriage. The specialist in window dressing and top furnishing fabric supplier – ELYZA’S® understands the importance of newlyweds to have their desired ambience to celebrate their wedding bliss which is why, they are introducing its latest concept of Pengantin Bedding Set Collection for Malay bridal room or Kamar Pengantin decorations
Known for its wide array of top quality fabric range, creative designs and innovative window dressing products, ELYZA’S® extends their care to the newlyweds by unveiling its latest Pengantin Collection which is one of the most distinctive Malay bridal room collection available in the bridal industry. The collection consists of nine beautiful models with over 2,000 fabric choices and accessories, namely:- 
  • Junjungan Kasih 
  • Singgahsana Asmara 
  • Ketulusan Cinta Suci 
  • Salutan Gemersik Kalbu 
  • Seindah Kasih 
  • Kuntuman Cinta 
  • Empayar Cinta 
  • Semarak Gelora Cinta 
  • Kilauan Pesona Cinta 
“Wedding is considered the greatest and perhaps the most auspicious chapter in any new couple’s life especially for the Malay culture, where the bride and groom will be treated as Raja & Ratu Sehari (The King and Queen for the day). A well-furnished bridal room can create a harmonized, loving and romantic atmosphere to celebrate the romance and wedding bliss of the newlyweds to live happily ever after!” Elyza Yong, Founder and COO of ELYZA’S Home (M) Sdn Bhd enthused. “Many newlyweds prefer simpler and contemporary interiors. They also like to decorate the bridal room in a unique and practical way that reflects their personal taste and lifestyle. ”
The bridal room is a special place for the new couple to spend their most romantic, intimate and private moments in nurturing their love and new life together. The bridal room with special intrinsic and memorial value can be achieved by ELYZA’S®’s Pengantin bedding set collection which offers special featured services such as Hand-quilted, Tailor-made, Free Eassy-Décor Preview Service (EDPS) and Embroidery Service on request. All the ELYZA’S®’s Pengantin bedding sets are tailor-made to meet the consumer’s needs and specifications. Before making the purchase decision, the consumers can preview the makeover results of their bridal room with the aid of EDPS and choose the design that matches their unique aesthetic inclinations. The embroidery service of the couple’s names on the pillow or cushion is a thoughtful service from ELYZA’S® where the couple can also have their meaningful dates and dedicated words stitched on for each other to see for their lifelong memories.
ELYZA’S®’s relentless efforts in promoting high quality fabrics and window dressing products, educating the public on how window dressing can enhance the living quality by giving impact on the room’s style, ambiance and design concept, has recently won them the Entrepreneur 50 Award 2012. “We always believe that our role shouldn’t be confined to supplying curtains only but to enrich the living quality of the people with quality window dressing products,” said Elyza Yong. 
Due to limited production capacity, at the moment the ELYZA’S®’s Pengantin bedding set collection is exclusively available at ELYZA’S®’s Franchise Stores only – Iman Home Decor at Alam Damai and De Casa Deco at Taman Putra Kajang. 
Having been in the home furnishing industry for 19 years, it is always ELYZA’S®’s mission to be at the forefront of creativity to inspire people with new decoration ideas and fabric collections that can create the sense of comfort and happiness for the family. In conjunction with the launch of Pengantin bedding set collection, the leading local window dressing specialist is also launching its second franchise store - ELYZA’S® House of Window Dressings at Taman Putra Kajang today.
The latest Putra Kajang franchise Store is one of ELYZA’S®’s plans to expand its local window dressing market following the opening of the first franchise store at Alam Damai last July. Moving forward, ELYZA’S® is planning to open another five franchise stores within Selangor area by end of 2013.

Celebrating the romance and wedding bliss, ELYZA’S® is offering a bridal room makeover pre-booking promotion from now until 30th April 2013. 

For more information on the promotion and ELYZA’S® House of Window Dressings, follow ELYZA’S® on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elyzas-Home-Official/424956324217875.