Friday 26 February 2010

CC Reunion Dinner @ Oversea Restaurant , Armada Plaza

A long waiting of once a year, CC Reunion Dinner
海外天 Oversea Restaurant , Armada Plaza
Lucky Table of “17
#but no lucky at all, din get any lucky draw..kekekezz
Here we are 9+1 persons

#one of him graduate liao , lagi wan sit with us..kekeke
Menu of the day
Raddish “YeeSang”
See...All of them is so happening for 'LOU SHANG'

#act it means for coming a year will be better fortune
Sweet & Sour Pork in Yam Basket

Roasted "Pi Pa" Chicken

Braised Pork Ribs


#It eat together with pork ribs d, but less know do so...
(Know why? is to overcome its so salty sauces)
Mixed Vegetable With Eight Treasures

“Yang Zhou” Fried Rice

Sweeten Longan With Sea Coconut

Champagne Moment

#Peak for the night , holding up the full glass and shout "cheers"
Me,Kit Fook,Wee Chong

#the last CNY dinner for this year , i think
#Parking Rate at Armada Plaza is so so Expensive

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Thean Hou Temple @ Kuala Lumpur

雪隆 海南会馆 天后宫
Persatuan Hainan Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan
(Thean Hou Temple)

#CNY must-go pray there for god blessing..hahazzz
Tiger year design stage

Sha Ba Luo Han
Sea of light

Dragon decoration

Pin An Mi
(taken from 转运桥)

Malaysia Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Associate
(Thean Hou Temple)



Monday 22 February 2010

Gao Yang Tang @ Bukit Mertajam , Penang

马来西亚,北马槟城许氏高阳堂 祖庙
Persatuan Keluarga GaoYangTang Wilayah Utara ,Malaysia

Located at Bukit Mertajam , Penang
(nearby Dim Sum City)

Pay a visit to there during CNY. Burn a joss sticks to my ancient
Wonder out so meaningful of Chinese culture on mourning
"Give presents to older"
must value this good moral value from the past ancient

Word below is only meaningful via in Mandarin word

Penang Gao Yang Tang


All's Well Ends Well 2010 @ GSC Mid Valley

花田喜事 All's Well Ends Well 2010

Gong Xi Gong Xi (CNY) movie of Year of 2010 (tiger year)
This Movie totally is out of logic
Main key of this movie is all the Funny Scene

whole of 1 hour and 33 min, i m in laugh-ing state

Its out of logic , i strongly recommend those have all time logical thinking person
not to watch this , is only cause u wasting money and time

Me personally is not a logic thinker , so it MUST-watch movie in my list..

Movie Ticket (Price:RM12)

#Is a long time ago , din step to GSC Mid Valley watch movie,
because of Movie ticket here is expensive compare to
GSC One Utama , GSC Tropicana Mall , Cathay Damansara even
TGV One Utama

Official site:

Happy Birthday to Ti Kong ( Jade Of Palace)

#I miss Ti Kong praying ceremony , wish Ti Kong not blame on me la..

Now showing

Friday 19 February 2010

New Year @ HatYai , Thailand

Receive an notification message,inform that me nearly to Thai Border
Maxis switching to AIS GSM 1800

#AIS GSM 1800 network is expensive and Waste Energy
Leave car , Prepare for Q-ing , Stamp document
(TNB xx!! must give angpao to them ,
no choice put RM1 inside passport)
Luckily , Malaysia border post dun have such rules
Smoothly pass thru Malaysia Immigration
but stuck at Sadao Border Post ,
Q for nearly 2 hours just done all procedure
(angpao is given but it still slow slow)

after that , still have another one hour to reach Hatyai city
dun care what angpao not angpao and Q-ing

Kan Eng Restaurant

#catch time , if not nothing eat le
1)海鲜东炎汤 Tom Yam Seafood Soup
2)芒果沙拉 Kerabu
3)沙爹炸鱼 Satay Fish
4)炒饭 Fried Rice
5)炸蛋 Fried Egg
6)软壳蟹 Soft-shell Crab

Golden Crown Hotel

#Hatyai City View
go round n round found out roasted porket in street

Take a Van,to Hatyai City Municipality Park
Guang Ying Temple for pray and
"Boom-ing" the temple with firecracker
Here legally burn firecracker , can buy it at any place
is free to burn the firecracker , is no nid ready "angpao" all the time

10 thousands and 5 thousands echo firecrackers, "Pi Li Pa La", is loud and clear
State with few statuary ( Happy God , Jade of God ,Guang Ying)

59 Restaurant

1)酸辣鱼 Sweet Sour Fish
2)海鲜东炎汤 Tom Yam Seafood Soup
3)冬粉炒蟹 Bean Thread Stir Crab
4)芒果沙拉 Kerabu
5)炸蛋 Fried Egg
6)炸肉丸 Fried meatball
7)乳猪脚 Pettitoes
8)青菜豆腐 Taufu Vegetable

Take “Tut-Tut” cab(Local typical transportation)
Heading to here
Srinakon High School CNY Carnival

#a lot food here,but is too late i m be Over-full edy
Tong Sheng Charity Center CNY Carnival

#Here foods double up what i see previously
Local Food here

#walk bec at 12am(Thailand 11pm)
Meet elephant front of May flower Hotel
Its come for a night walk? Bai Nian.....

(Elephant is an important at here for those they plantation)

Before back Hotel, have a dessert here

(Shop name not recognize , i dunno Thai)
Black Sesame Tang Yuan Ginger Soup

#is nice is delicious..Yummy
get into 7-Eleven buy Cheers beer
(only RM3.80 compare here...??X!@#)
6am wake for a walk at “小菜市场”
“Small Market”
You Tiao Toufu Fa

#You Tiao is special match with Taufu Fa , and is crispy
After that ,head to opposite 国光酒店
opposite of Ambassador Hotel
粿汁 Kuey Soup

#no oily, i like it
Again,take “tut-tut” to “大菜市场”
“Big Market”
Here is an local Big market crowd here
all kinds of thing can be found here and buy it
cloth , food , stuff all a have it One-stop here
All Thailand Famous food can be found here..
it delicious

芒果糯米 , 炸鸡肉,香椰子水

Mango Sticky Rice , Fried Chicken ,
Vanilla Coconut Drink

next,reach place of terrorist attacked
Odean Mall nearby for a walk

Time for Lunch
Samurai Pork Burger

#Malaysia McDonald's 100% cannot found
Taste it now..Yummy!!

Call to 1711 for a delivery...hahazz
Pahurad 小街
Pahurad Department Store

#the hottest street is only a few walk
At the beginning street ,东方燕窝-鱼翅
Dong Fang Bird's nest - Shark Fin

drink 燕窝 bird's nest
with a cup of 人参茶 Ginseng Tea

eat a lot a lot lor,time for getting back. hahazz.

#Stuck at border post for 5 hours,just reach malaysia land
#at Sadao immigration use up to 5 hours , is terrible