Monday 31 August 2009

Bukit Tinggi and Bentong


first station,here the japanese village have alot flower, tree , pool...there the houses is really rural..nice for retire life for can shoot alot of nice photo...suitable place for pro photographer.

second station , france village....i juz wonder in this such tropical place have some how so similiar place to france...the building are vri unique and found out some of it are used as the nice if can stay here with oli pay for little...not nid fly ovesea to france to enjoy all of tis...

inside there,has alot of cute cute rabbit run here run thr around of you...also that, i accidentaly capture a cute gal oso..she playing wif rabbit..both of it rely cute cute...haha..

horse stable,i was first time so close to the horse d...the horse are rely tall and big size den me expected..keke..juz wonder,many of the people din c horse so closer after hearing some visitor opinion.


having my lunch on place call so - BENTONG

enjoy my meal thr...there was a small town oli..but i saw much much restaurant on tat town...
vri sad is when me reach thr aroung 3pm d...all shop are close...not much food for me to choose...haha..i juz go in which d shop full of people oli...(means tat the food thr not bad = many people)

remark : nice place nice to go...

Genting Highlands Countdown

Yesterday nite was the day toward 52rd MALAYSIA NATIONAL DAY. This year given Theme as ONE MALAYSIA. And i was wonder how and where i wana to celebrate it. as an incoincide,i was going out for RONDA RONDA...suddenly,in my mind when seeing the Genting Highlands
top hill,y dun go up hill celebrate with all the person this case,i make a decision quickly and i wan on the way going the immediately after decise without any proper planning..hehe...

at the genting thr,i found out thr had a stage on the outdoor car park,yeah,thr was the place for tonight countdown.i seen few performace and waiting waiting for the firework on 12am(31 AUgust 2009).Horray,12am reach d..all people crazy-ing shout MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA...n side tis d firework begin n end up after 10 minits i thk...


KL nite view from GENTING Hill..


Saturday 29 August 2009

Fila Hunting hunting for FILA at The Curve, Petaling Jaya...
luckily i still have my time to grab a Tshirt and a Shoes Bag...
Both are very Cheap...have a big discount on all item...
for SHoes bag RM 39 after 50% discount RM19.50
for Tee RM69 after 70% discount RM20.70
total is RM40.20
really worth..thx to Malaysia Megasale...end till 31 august..(left few more days oli)

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

i juz clare tat tis is d most important thing for me nw...juz yesterday i had been told tat i was talk behind some bad word behind him....i very sad about it me din said any single word about him as i know that is all my false from early begginning...i din ask any compenstate for it from you but now is the problem you ask the compenstate from me...helo..m i any wrong?

in fact, we did wrong on our both way..but we shuld solve it clearly..not to found out who did the most wrong...and i was very shock especially told me such thg in front of din did any wrong on my position,but u thk me is wrong on ur position..helo bro,are knowing v both are still newbies on all the world even u are more experince then me..

*remark : tis new coming movie that come the idea for me thk all about tis...act i forgot it all long time edy...i m not asking any compenstate...but tis moment bring me out to thk it clearly either me is an innocent person ...


juz bec from LAUNDRY,the curve...drink little twins electrico (cocktail),nw got abit faint faint d....but this rely normal after drink...tonite is d most expense night for me...worthy...can go thr listen rock song n chit chat...relax relax..after tis nid fight for another thg le...if nt tonight enjoyment is wasted...

*my rumate is escaping to CLUB nw oso...hope he bec on good condition oso...

Wednesday 26 August 2009

two paper more coming

many many test assignemnt coming...i ready to handle it..come come la...kekeke...