Wednesday 16 December 2009

Cameron Highlands With LandRover

My favorite Photo
Big Red Flower
This is nikel khor me
Few day ago, i had been to Cameron Highlands for one day trip with my family
This is a special trip. because this time we taking LandRover as our transport
#Landrover is very common vehicle at that place,
is useful for traveling around at extreme area#

depart to destination,its at upper hills
actually that is my not so-close relative farm d

Via journey to hills

stop at mid way, for see fresh flower implant

p/s : is not open to public

after this, continue our journey to hill.
the road is really not in condition, terrible road

here again, Chrysanthemum implant.
#Pluck for a bundle flower on hand
after this , i see on Love Fruit 爱情果
after this , again see Buddha Hand Fruit 佛手

Yeah , finally reach at destination,
see so much vegetable and maize Plant
eat fresh maize on the spot,haha.

#sweet and juicy#

Its really hot in day , but see alot worker still on farm
collecting vegetable
all the vegetable come not easy,it worth for high price

at night , i visit to this famous Bringchang night market
it only available at weekends
eat steam potato , fried vegetable, strawberry ice-cream

dinner on steamboat, choose on organic food steamboat
one of the recommend restaurant from Astro “阿贤·人情味”tv program
nearby night market
it using oldish method charcoal to heat for steamboat

eat lor

finish my an one day trip to Cameron highlands

p/s :fall asleep after reach home


  1. is this a old style hotpot...? yummy love fresh and hot food direct in my plate.

  2. @me old style hot plate lai..

  3. Having steamboat in such a cool weather is an enjoyable experience, isn't it? I had it last time in another restaurant. There are just so many steamboat restaurants in Brinchang!

  4. @jam yaya...vri warm body aft have steamboat..