Friday 25 December 2009

Yam Rice @ Bukit Mertajam

YAM RICE 芋饭 = proud of Bukit Mertajam-ian
i think it cant found other place unless at Penang
but usually no foreigner know about yam rice here
they oli noe about
arecafried kuey teowLaksaCendolROJAK,else
still not yet recover out this YAM RICE
it locate at the IBM old building ,
but now move to Eastern Print enterprise building there
here is a well-known stall at BM
but not yet going to be list on Artificial
(young then 100 years old)
YAM RICEMix Pork Pickles Soup

p/s : its soup can be refill for FOC
Ying Yang Spicy Sauce

p/s :Local BM food all time my favaorite,
cheap and ho chiak ( taste good)

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