Monday 21 December 2009

Head North To Alor Setar

LANGKAWI plan is canceled due to fully booked room reservation
therefore make it another plan Heading North to Alor Setar
for one day trip , five people , one new toyota VIOS car
1) Me
2) Yeow Meng
3) Yong Ji
4) Hooi Ying
5 ) Ee Chye

here is another call “米都” @ "City Of Rice"
our transport "VIOS" and car owner
Food one - 人和饮冰室
Kedai Kopi Jin Hoe
Famous of
Dry Noodles
CharSiew Rice叉烧饭

p/s :here the Dry Noodle has its own ordinary taste
cant compare to Sarawak famous Kolok Mee

Weird Thing happen saw here d cat and dog
like to lie under the hot sun with this funny pose

Place one — Alor Setar Tower

Tower is tall, nice?is my production. hehe

p/s :entrance ticket have student price on it ,
beside this discover out JUSCO CARD Member
has special discount on it too...

J card

Top Of Tower
Strong wind overflow their mind so they think they can rescue the world.
they try evolution to BATMAN and Transformer
Art of Photo
Place two - Istana Kuning

After visit here,they crazy on camera
Capturing a lot of funny photo.
Erm, this 4 Model is acting fast in front of my camera
haha..kidding d lar...

Place three - Istana Sepachendera

p/s :It has modified to a Hostel , need to be register before entering.
Balai Nobat and Clock Tower
Place four - State Art Gallery

p/s:Illegally capture few photo from inside
Place five - Zahir State Mosque
Place six - State Museum
Place seven - Great Hall

Inside there expo it out a lot of historical and valuable antique
Palace decoration

Place eight - Thai Temple
Special on Plant Decoration

Food two - CURRY LAKSA
中国华佗馆 Restaurant Wah Tua Guan
located inside Pacific Mall . here d Nasi Lemak Taste Good.

p/s :for buffet rice ,it seem tasteless

Place nine - PADDY MUSEUM
It well known as World Famous

p/s :If famine happen ,come here rob for rice is most suitable
it placing a lot of rice inside. Definitely kidding on it.Regarding info , it built up on few Millions Ringgit, it look alike
a Grand palace on outside
Even on Handrail , it make it a Rice Shape for beautyVery large and real landscaping wallpaper
On the rooftop's Auditorium ,
it painted a big large 3D landscaping wallpaper too.
the floor are motion ,while sit on chair can look around.

p/s : it was my first time see such big real 3D Landscaping wallpaper.
on the ground floor exhibition hall, have a lot of traditional culture tackle
Take a lot photo outside museum
Place ten - KUALA KEDAH

Here are a jetty which we can take an hour+ ferry towards Langkawi
car are full here , and seafood restaurant too
but we decide moving to Sungai Petani(SP)
having our dinnerPlace eleven — HSBC BANK and Clock Tower

this HSBC Bank building seem rebuilt from an ancient building
at SP here. Maybe is Feng Shui place for it.
its have clock tower in front on it.
Food three - 好食街 “Hao Shi Jie” FOOD STREET

a lot of famous food place here
its appear before at 8TV “好吃” @ “Ho Chiak” TV program。
1)爪哇面 Jawa Mee
2)咖哩面 Curry Mee
3)卤炸板面 Fried Pan Mee
4)粿条汤 Kueh Teow Soup
5)鸡脚香菇干捞面Chicken Claw Mushroom Dry Mee
6)汽水炸豆腐 Fried Soda Taufu

Taste so good

After this , bought few baked bread to taste
have "Bak Gua" and "Bak Thread" Bread
Bak Gua = BBQ Pork
Bak Thread= Pork Floss
Place twelve - VILLAGE MALL
Here we are for windows shopping.
the outermost look grand.
More new shop Coming Soon to open

p/s :Night is late. Ending of my day trip.

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