Saturday 5 December 2009

SAKAE SUSHI @ Sunway Carnival


my lunch for today having sushi
where to go?

Place:Sunway Carnival Mall

as position of Big Brother , should me bring my sis n bro go out there along with my mum

#my little bro all time favorite = " family set"#


Ordering Computer System

#wakaka..not my first time having meal here,look like so "kampung boy"#

Chuka Idako @ baby octopus

#yrs favorite la he-he#

Unagi Sushi

#my little bro favorite#

Sushi Premium Set

#Big portion , about 25 pieces of sushi#

eat luu

extra ten plate of sushi

#which taken from running belt , for fun only#

receipt : RM111.90

# another receipt left out for capture,becoz using onto Lucky Draw#

you see that suit...almost noe what happening d...
its YEAR-END-SALE (YES) and Christmas Sale
of coz of lucky draw session..

pass by,Starbucks coffee giving out free drink

#vri sad, cant see d santa clause with coffee tank..wakaka#

RM111.90 receipt redeems on
Merry-Go-Round (Once trip) + RM5 Cash Vousher + Lucky Draw

#Merry-Go-Round!!should d kidding on me#

RM5 cash voucher only can use on UNCLE MARK

#swt , i tot cash voucher can buy other thing... #

redeem on 4 tokiwado + 5 kaya ball + 1 big box of popcorn

remark : very full tis evening


  1. hey man. came by from my friend's site. hehe. ur such a nice nanger. so i wanted to drop by to check what up?! no cbox :S

    nanged ya and on a random note, I LOVE KAYA BALLS!!! hehe.


  2. @benz hey hey..welcome...

    i have chat nox on top right side...
    thx thx from my blog

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