Saturday 2 January 2010

21st Century Cafe @ Kajang

Bye Bye 2009,Incoming New 2010
Happening Moment on the night
Kajang 21st Century Cafe
24 person in 4 cars place...heading to Kajang in hour time
watch nice firework show...but....
Here is Mewah Club,is rite to nice paranormal view
we us

p/s:is very pity here , the cafe full house tonight,
have to wait another hours for seated,
but after discuss we all decide to go another place
Next station,is nearer place to hilltop there
Mom Mom Mia Cafe
Here are those many celebrate the last night of 2009 with me,
and so 2010 the first ever morning

p/s:They like to have photo session
Choice of Drinks
Red Hot Twister 热情旋风
Autumn 秋天的童话
Mushroom Ham Chicken 蘑菇鸡扒火腿
Fillet Chip 鱼扒
Happening moment on the eve of 2010
Eat n eat, talk n talk
above annoyance , above oppression

remark:is another feel of 2010 countdown session.
happy new year to 2010...

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  1. hmmm... Penangkia went to Kajang for countdown... how many satay you have during your stay in Kajang?

  2. haha it seems so fun =D

  3. em,act i not stay at kajang..somewhere else..erm,but before tis try 10 stick when i visit to kajang town for my research..keke

  4. @seraph rely fun n enjoyfull