Tuesday 20 October 2009



Again , my photo was publish at The Star paper.
it based on one movie "Cloudy Meatball" as a theme of photo

captured when a event GSC cinema of promoting movie on Cloudy Meatball roadshow at Tropicana City Mall

remark : nothing special for this time le..

Monday 19 October 2009

KushiQ @ Tropicana City Mall

Q logo


Normal simple Menu

Non special meal

Soba set meal with 3 Stick kushi

White Pearl Rice

Unagi Stick

end bill RM27.80

Walk on walk at Tropicana City Mall after Pandorum Movie
looking for A lunch
see Banner on KUSHIQ
look through that Shop
Found OUT
surprising of charging new Menu TOday
waiter confuse on it
Drink serve slow
Luckily the food , not bad.
Have a good try.
i like much RICE, eat very sweet rice.

Remark : the shop is small but is tidy

after eat and walk and walk, just found out another promotion price on Indulge
RM1 on selected item
SHOCK promotion for only two days
i cant grab it anywhere ( i've full full tat time)

Saturday 17 October 2009

Just Thai @ One Utama


Tissue Paper





END Bill RM47.25

i has been there few time ago d. Every times give me same taste on it. Not Bad.
Tomyam Seafood SOUP rely nice d.very very delicious
Green Curry CHICKEN SOUP i like this much. cant describe the taste
Pineapple Fried Rice cna chew the pineapple with every single chew

remark : dunnoe --------

Japanese Food Fair @ One Utama Shopping Center

on stage




Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

Seasoned Seaweed

End Bill RM14.30

By pass to ONE UTAMA yesterday d. Juz saw there have a booth on Japanese Food Fair by
there has a lot of junk food in Promotion price d.
Buy on those food shown up here.
Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream not bad,nice,less sugar
Seasoned Seaweed crispy taste

remark : is there really a whole world people love so much Japanese Food?y not local delicacy?

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Taiwan Street @ Tropicana City Mall

Taiwan street 's LOGO

Purple Plum Green Tea

Taiwanese Sausage n Salted Chicken

eat now


this Taiwan STREET is located at Tropicana City Mall. Some place near GSC cinema.
As me review on it , many GSC guest will take a break at here while waiting showtime.
In the menu, there is full of variety food and some more snack.
this is time for me and i having some snack time.
come here a having here..nice interior.

remark : A expensive meal

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Feel : lucky star

Golden Screen Cinema ' fan site

incoming one new message

Again in 11.30pm while me faint out to rush my assignment
lazy WORM warn me to have a break on FACEBOOK
once click-ing into FACEBOOK, first i saw was the one new message on Inbox there.
the message show

Congratulations! Invitation to "PANDORUM" Screening

First impression was shock,so lucky meh?

next is
You are invited to watch “PANDORUM” with a partner, in GSC Tropicana City on 17 Oct 2009 (Sat), 10.30am.

wah , i started suspect isn't a treat or a trick?
finally,i found out my name on the website. said the winner on what mini contest.
means i have winning the contest and get free invitation
i forget what contest i joining but sure is from GSC ' FAN PAGE from FACEBOOK.

i will verify this statement on this coming Saturday.

remark : I'm lucky?or just fate?


Photo can proof it


just bec from there,it really true statement as the email said.


Saturday 10 October 2009


Main Look (logo of PLAYBOY)

Side Look (White Lamborghini )

New Launching of men’s fragrances at Mid Valley. A huge number of customer first try the new Fragrances with a promotion price. All customer are offer to having few contest to win a valuable price as they are register for the play. Beside this , all visitor are allow to have a closer photo session with BUNNY model and white Lamborghini car.

the roadshow having a nice reputation with the new modern exhibition booth. A 2 level booth set-up at the center to make it more to grand of the Launching . the Black and white represent more to modern and executive level look.

remark : i havent try the new Launch Fragrances. no free sample?

Popeye's @ Mid Valley

set meal from chicken combo & fish Sandwich

Non-refillable drink

Fish Sandwich

Special MashPotatos

End Bill RM23.80

Once visit Popeye's at Mid Valley, order Chicken Combo (3pcs chicken , 2 side dish , 1 biscuit and 1 regular drink) and Fish Sandwich ( sandwich and 1 regular drink) plus one regular Canju Fries.

the chicken totally different taste from what can get at KFC . it not such oily then kfc offer.
the fish sandwich with fresh and layering fillet alike big fish nugget.
the Canju fries alike wedges with some black pepper.
the Mashpotatoes are nice.
but i personally not like the biscuit because of the smell of flavor.

Remark : more to pay, more to taste

Friday 9 October 2009

2012 @ Cathay Cineplex , e Curve

Now showing


2012 movie coming soon to this unsafely world again,
after Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow.
and SONY again offer a mini contest for premiere screening of 2012 which i has join few contest before. i wish this lucky day happen again on me...haha..i like NUFFNANG

(my upload photo)

i like this photo much,as this is not my own product.it captured from one of my partner at SEKINCHAN , SELANGOR on once visit to my friend's hometown. it was an incredible photo angle and the color mood match with all kind of mood , make this photo is so meaning to me with the implicit word. thank again BBF.

he earth has warn us by all kind of disaster ,
meaning human-being need to be aware that it not longer to safely to stay,
or else we human-being need protect well of this un-recyclable earth
exchange with the safely home.

from many year ago,our earth has been happen all kind of disaster warn us about
him "big Father"
are angry and mad. he not longer to breath with this bad atmosphere.
from now onward, i think our human being need to propitiate him "big Father" calm down.

remark : as we know, many of the real case - movie release to warn our human-being not to kill Earth anymore.


GIFT @ Frog Clip

haha...getting this clip from junior, AJK of Astar Caring DAY.
special dedicate from special person

Remark : Long time din get dedication lol...

Thursday 8 October 2009

FEEL : Lucky today


The most isolated landmass on Earth

90° S. latitude, zero E. longitude

Six million square miles of ice

Six months of darkness

Temperatures at minus-120 degrees

Winds at 100 miles per hour

Nature never intended you to survive here.


just received e-mail from Nuffnang. it showed that i had been officially invited to the Premiere Screening of WHITEOUT. wohoo,feel very happy now d...A long waiting to attend premiere screening d,as me din attend before this. this rely a wonderful memory as first time of me getting invitation to attend.

Proudly THX to Nuffnang again.

remark : Feel sipek Hapi nw d...c u all guy at coming Tuesday ya.



Keychain ( borrow from MIKE)

Bottle (mine with WHITEOUT stamp)

4 ticket from NUFFNANG