Thursday 17 December 2009

My 21 Years Begins

My birthday's food with 2
regular crunch pizza
and deli wing
Red Color Egg. typical enough!

My Birthday's Cake
after that , come more with
Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cheesy Wedges My Family Members
Its left out one more person act
Red Wine
Sherlock Holmes

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2
The Star Publisher

This two movie screening are the presents from my two loyalty fans
But too bad i have no time to watch this two premier screening
because of busying with my current plan
Anyway , thanks

p/s :Happy Birthday to me


  1. Walao....big celebration there man^^ you got free ticket ah?? so syok~

  2. happy birthday! mind to share some KFC with me?? hehe!

  3. @bruce828 not big celebration home litle little nia..erm,yaya i get ticket but nw vri busy cant go bec kl to watch both movie screening lor..

  4. @theeggyolks mind to sharing is caring ma...keke..but finish edy wor..wait for another round la..

  5. memang sedap.... i love pizza..... anyway happy birthday...

  6. @sharinginfoz thx much pizza yesterday wakaka..

  7. Hmmm... i din see your golden key? Where's the key... So dude, what's your next step since your are 21 now... hey have you registered to become a voter for the next election? It's your rights eh~

    Anyway, Happy belated Birthday. May all your wishes come true eh~

    P/S: Penang Penang Here i come ... :p

  8. @tz erm,dun hv golden key d wor?wat used d?keke..okok2ml i m go to register,,thx for remind me..
    p/s welcome to penang