Tuesday 8 December 2009


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last night, incationly get a call to have MULAN at Sunway Carnival.
Emm...firstly , i dun think that i will watch this movie in cinema
(as such movie better watch in pirate way..save money)
(no choice..i have too bored staying at home ....so i prefer to have outdoor xtvt)
movie storyline is about WAR on china..
A gal name Mulan replaced her dad to go for military service ( only guy allowed)
emm..her dad old n sick..so she take over her dad position to go on war..
after 12 years , she bec to her hometown with GENERAL armor suit and visit her old dad...
and of course with some some small little Love story during her War..
(this is normal for an commercial movie)
sadness on her Lover

bla bla bla...this story is like tat d..lazy to write about it...

i like most its scenes :
1) while d prince surrender exchange himself to get free of his military
2 ) spirit to war after loosing General
3) fighting for last (protect other escape)

remark : this story so so only..under expected


  1. how is the rating of this movie ?

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  2. overall i giv it 8/10 la...not bad not nice...

  3. hmm...not too interested even though it's a very nice story...

  4. den u better dun go watch n slip there..keke..sct not much interesting...

  5. I prefer the Disney cartoon version of Mulan. Nice songs in it. =)

  6. @shanay yalor.i still prefer cartoon d mulan..more intersting den movie d..

  7. great movie..i'm going for storm warrior..can't wait to watch it..

  8. @hoodedlicious i havent watch storm warrior...me find no ppl to watch..haiz..so sad nia..

  9. i watched it oso...i think they got good casting but the story is so so oso, actually i think they can do better 1 de...but still some parts is nice lar^^

  10. @zoe for me,i thk so..they are nice..juz story so so nia...i like few scnes ya