Thursday 31 December 2009

The Storm Warriors 2

Now showing
Storm Warrior 2
is release after 12 years of Storm Warrior
Heard much negative comment on this movie
Mostly they feel that this movie is over depending on
Computer After Effect
in this, i choose for it to have view on it,
see whether movie is good.(i feel it is great movie effect)
i enjoy most of it..
actually in this old comic is definitely overstate
some on the comic weapon and action is too over until cant film it
is true.maybe some them din read tat comic ll feel so only.
In story , all hero are try to conquer the world with their own kungfu skill
be world NUMBER ONE
therefore, some of the action and weapon is out of imagine
the main selling point on this movie is on their
Computer After Effect
(but why many said its too much depending on effect)
i feel it is reasonable
if i was a comic lover , that drawing on comic book
sudden change to motion movie,
it so wonderful to them,
at they no need waste time to imagine all the
tactic, action , weapon

This DECEMBER is my birthday month,
GSC is giving me as a GSC online member a birthday treat.
Free for me a Movie ticket.
it only can redeem on not on latest movie screening
i redeem it at GSC Tropicana City Mall
see that showing RM0.00 on ticket

p/s:waiting for another 12 years for Storm Warrior 3?
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Sherlock Holmes

Now showing

Bec from cinema,is time for me to comment..
Its one among the similar with Movie of " Conan" : Da Vanci Code"
"Death Note": Angel And Demon"
Sherlock Holmes is it..

in my personal, this is another Best Movie Storyline
Its bring out all kind of guineas of the Holmes in whole movie
without any hidden...
long long time ago , i has been read novel Sherlock Holmes
in Mandarin Version but jus in 1/8 book..
wakaka..almost all gone on my mind..
its needs to be read again...
beside this , have some moment i remember that
i watched this movie in Black n White version in my childhood
all in just guess

GSC Tropicana City Mall ticket showing
fortunately , another Wednesday " Movie Day"
Its only about RM6 to have whole Movie Marathon
with the saving RM6 , grab an extra 1901 hot-dog to eat
is NEW YORK CHICKEN flavor tihs time
p/s : Holmes on going his Clever Mind-ping , fast deep scanner on all kind thing
it great if for me..wakaka
kakaka,its that a wireless devices in 18 century?
yup,might be an Grandness invention this current
Did u see that London Bridge is so huge n Grand on that century

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Wednesday 30 December 2009


Nuffnang and HSBC BANK
This morning receive E-mail from HSBC Advise,
state that my cheque from Nuffnang has been send
Now on d way sending to my house.
Year End gift nw..get my Blogging bonus soon
Happily?nope so...not even cover up my spends

but oredi long waiting it for a month more
wonder when it just reach my home there..


Happy New Year 2010!!!

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Taiwan Food Street

Taiwan Trip
Taipei 101
On-flight Meal
Mickey statuary

p/s:Dumpling Dinner
Taiwan Shilin Food Street

p/s: Chicken Chop , Big Sausage With Small Sausage,
BBQ Stick , Honey Balsam Pear Juice , Taufu

Other Food

p/s:Suan Suan Steamboat is cheap den here.
Essential pork , pork bun , Fried Oyster ,
Cup Noodles , Hakka Dish

Yam Tangyuan , Korea Sausage , Rash Egg ,
Mixture Pork Rice,Mee Sua ,
Rib Pork , Meatball Soup

The Ship Restaurant , Crab Steamboat

Oyster Mee Sua , sticky rice , Beef Noodles ,
Red Bean Peanut Soup , Soya 'Yao Tiu'

Ah Zong Mee Sua , Fruit Snow Ice

p/s:it no provide chair on site , need stand to having it
Look For it
Look For it

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Monday 28 December 2009

The Spaghetti Farm @ Mid Valley , KL

The Spaghetti Farm (TSF)
wholesome Italian Food
Place at Mid Valley basement next to JADE restaurant
Daze in front menu for few seconds, decided have here.
it having promotion on go RM3.20 for Value Add-on meal

No tans-fat , No MSG ,
No Artificial Coloring, No preservatives

p/s:but why still having carbonic drink meal,
as its spaghetti is go healthy with NO NO NO NO

Chicken Smash with Spaghetti

Meatball with Spaghetti

interior clean and light clear

p/s: Brand New Era of Fast food Franchise at Malaysia

The Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

"The Tree Top Walk"
Sungai Sedim,Kedah

World's Longest Canopy Walk , Malaysia
Sungai Sedim Forest Reserve entrance

p/s:its such a rural place,dare2 collect
RM2 parking fee from me
Current World's Longest Canopy Walk
i m here..wakaka
Entrance Ticket and Ticket Counter

p/s: its price a bit out of expected high
Special Spider Web

p/s:accidentally found by my little bro
me is now at 26050mm from forest level
at that shaking n movable canopy walk
some few place of canopy wall check pointA multi-millions high rise truss canopy walk
project by Malaysian Goverment
in develop of eco-tourism at here
High Point View Of River-let
Forest d flora and fauna , and ANTs

p/s:found of KULIM tree,its because here KULIM area

Sunday 27 December 2009

Holland souvenir

A small glass shoes flying high back from Holland few moment ago
Holland commonly name as "City Of Windmill",
one of the Europe Country on Netherlands
It still Hot n Spicy on my hand..


View It edy
When to AEON SEBERANG CITY 's TGV cinema
review on it this weekend
Movie Ticket

p/s:This Cute Chipmunks whole every scenes,funny Alvin reaction,
Laugh all the times while movie

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Saturday 26 December 2009

Hsin Kwang Tung @ Prai Megamall

新广东 美食粥面小厨 @ 北海 太平洋广场
Hsin Kwang Tung @ Butterworth Pacific Mall
Full menu
Wan Tan Noodles Soup 云吞面-干
Dry Wan Tan Noodles蜜瓜西米露
Sweet Sago Soup With Honeydew
Honey BBQ Pork Noodles
Dumpling BBQ Pork Noodles

p/s :erm, i feel that is all from me..this restaurant open since long ago lo..
but seem no ever people recommended on it before me,Tasty n Yummy