Tuesday 29 September 2009

Supper @ Room

this come specially from friend who just come back from Taiping,Perak. This "Xiang Bing" is local delicacy at taiping. The most taste is Sea Horse Brand d.The taste are so Yummy.i had try this several time before. That why i ask him buy for me d...wakaka...

remark : nicer thing wont run out of my finger...hehez..

Monday 28 September 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley Megamall

long time din meet up my old friends d, luckily we gather at Pasta Zanmai,Midvalley for our dinner last night.(can update some news...)

Food we ate

Unagi Ramen + Smoked Salmon Temaki

Curry Sauce Noodles + Meat Sauce Noodles

Unagi Set Meal + Salmon Ramen

Drink for 6 (Mix fruit juice + Watermelon juice)

this is first time i walk on to this restaurant. i found out this restaurant like Japaneses fast food restaurant d not like typical Japaneses Food restaurant. Overall ,all the food are look nice alike its taste.

after that, we have our second round at Ming Tien,Taman Megah there. Sadly, yesterday was sunday , some of my favourite food are sold out come out with eat other food d.

Remark : Friend, make it another Gathering when go bec home

Saturday 26 September 2009

Rasamas @ Mid Valley

having my lunch with Ayamas chicken at Rasamas, Midvalley. A taste nice chicken with poor service(lack of servant) and also limited space. Overall service : 60% with just little number credit.
plus me have two three coupon for getting promotion price on selected dish.

Remark : No coupon no try..hehez....

Friday 25 September 2009

Old Town Coffee @ Bangsar South

This morning wake so early...becoz of eat breakfast...wakaka...heading to BANGSAR SOUTH, OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE. There now having promotion of BREAKFAST VALUE and LUNCH VALUE... the most value set in this shop for having lite meal.

Interior Design

White Coffee,Milk Tea, HoFUN

Toast and Half Boil Egg(BREAKFAST VALUE)


Remark : lite Breakfast only

Thursday 24 September 2009

Gamer @ GSC Mid Valley

Now showing

remark : illogical movie,but it not boring at all till the end..

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Mid Valley Megamall

New flavored coffee from Coffee Bean " Nutty Delight". this is so call nut+ coffee ice blended drinks.

Chicago Cheese Cake,tradition cheese cake from Coffee Bean.

End bill RM23.00

remark : din go hang out at Coffee Bean long time d since last year,
been there yesterday night...

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Sekinchan @ Selangor Darul Ehsan

the end of 2 days 1 night at Sekinchan. its time for me to share what me meet.

First of all,is prepare well for whole trip. Refill what has been finish such petrol,cash,energy and also appetite.most important is well prepared of A detailing MAP of location.


First station, reach at Klang to have my breakfast+lunch with Klang Famous food - BAH KUT TEH

a basket of tea to choose - - - last choose 'water lily' as my drink tea

while waiting my BAH KUT TEH to ready, me get a dumpling near this shop.Perhaps, this was not nice at all--too oily,expensive,little ingredient.i not very like and also my travelmate as well..

finally, BAH KUT TEH is ready to serve. i order two kind of it,one for DRY BAH KUT TEH and Original BAH KUT TEH with soup. i ate with twisted bread(油条)beside my rice. the taste is good then before,and the soup was tasty. For the dry,is really a good try,very match with the pork serve.

after that,i head to Sekinchan by passing JERAM , MERU , KAPAR. the road condition is ready to demolished(need fully attention driving on whole journey). Finally ,i reach there in time promise with my big BOSS.

There was our bed for sleep(center guy was our BOSS), his family sever us the Sweet mango(from SITE C which mango is the most wanted in Selangor area) as our welcome dish. Thanks to his mother.

this was few artistic photo of my travelmate while we having TEA-time at coffee shop.

STEAM BREAD with KAYA. Nice for my TEA-time. it totally relax at this place.

night owl house

scenery on PADDY FIELD. i like this place because of nice scenery and weather. FEW nicer landscape shooting

After that head to Sekinchan beach

SHELF in SHELF(bong _bf captured)

SEASIDE with setting sun...fully with emotional

SEAfood dinner is coming to town.

two nicer guy is my Big boss brother,really nice guys. Few dish on table.


supper on noddles in famous shop(HOKKIEN MEE + SQUISH)

SPECIAL SAUCE (little prawn soup)


this was our breakfast+LUNCH, FISH head is really a big big fish head on table. we 11 person finish it. this shop also a FAMOUS in town.

Tea time again with BUN(Pao),is very pity for me cannot have a soft bun(太空包),but i will be back to grab it in coming time.

i like much this few photo.

NIght is coming to me, buying some souvenir for friend at the famous place


Crab, fish , prawn all in my tummy now. nice seafood at here, is worth for waiting an hour to ready it such nice dinner. i will recommend to your all..

remark : EAT too much, excersice is needed