Thursday 31 December 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Now showing

Bec from cinema,is time for me to comment..
Its one among the similar with Movie of " Conan" : Da Vanci Code"
"Death Note": Angel And Demon"
Sherlock Holmes is it..

in my personal, this is another Best Movie Storyline
Its bring out all kind of guineas of the Holmes in whole movie
without any hidden...
long long time ago , i has been read novel Sherlock Holmes
in Mandarin Version but jus in 1/8 book..
wakaka..almost all gone on my mind..
its needs to be read again...
beside this , have some moment i remember that
i watched this movie in Black n White version in my childhood
all in just guess

GSC Tropicana City Mall ticket showing
fortunately , another Wednesday " Movie Day"
Its only about RM6 to have whole Movie Marathon
with the saving RM6 , grab an extra 1901 hot-dog to eat
is NEW YORK CHICKEN flavor tihs time
p/s : Holmes on going his Clever Mind-ping , fast deep scanner on all kind thing
it great if for me..wakaka
kakaka,its that a wireless devices in 18 century?
yup,might be an Grandness invention this current
Did u see that London Bridge is so huge n Grand on that century

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  1. i dont think i can get to watch it anytime soon..
    perhaps a DVD! =P

  2. @kenwooi erm erm..dun do pirately lol...keke..
    but can download for it(silently to avoid catch)