Wednesday 17 June 2015

Ah Koon Noodles 亚坤纯正西刀鱼丸 & Ke Ren Lai Restaurant 客人来 @ Taman Sentosa

Ah Koong Noodles 亚坤纯正西刀鱼丸 @ Taman Sentosa

Ah Koong, a symbol of fish ball noodles in Johor Bahru. Fish balls are the signature items in Ah Koong, which they claim to be "pure fishballs" and contain no preservative. Other than fishballs, they also serve various Yong Taufu, fish soup, laksa and etc.

RM6.30 for each bowl noodles
The order counter is at the entrance of the restaurant, which you can opt for your noodles of choice (ranging from yellow noodles, kuey teor, mee hoon, wanton mee, thick vermicelli or laksa noodles) and your desired ingredients to go with the noodles. If you could not decide which ingredients to choose from, just leave it to the restaurant, they will give you a perfect combination of white fishballs, fried fish balls, fish paste and yong taufu by default.  

Fishball 鱼圆  RM1.50 each
Ah Koong's fishballs deserve its reputation, as they are truly fresh made. I like the springy texture very much, but the price of RM1.50 per fishball looks a bit overpriced?

Address : Ah Koon Noodles 亚坤纯正西刀鱼丸
266, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa,
80150 Johor Bahru.

Bussiness Hour : 6.30am - 11.30pm
Tel : +607-331 3621

Ke Ren Lai Restaurant 客人来 @ Taman Pelangi

Ke Ren Lai Restaurant is another featured restaurant in Johor Bahru, offering wide variety of Hakka homecook dishes.  
Boiled Chicken Soup set meal 特色鸡汤套餐  RM10.90
Looking for comfort foods, the Chinese soup series set meal (eg. chicken soup, pig stomach soup, pork ribs soup and etc.) are definitely a good choice to entertain the fussy stomach and to warm your heart. The set meal is served with a portion of vegetable to balance the meal.
Hakka Lei Cha 客家擂茶  RM6.90
Lei Cha is the highlight of the shop which attracts our visit. White rice or brown rice (at your choice) are blanketed with full range of finely cut vegetables, like Kai Lan, cabbage, long beans, fried beancurd and dried radish, indeed a very healthy choice. The taste of the hearty meal is enhanced with a pinch of crushed peanut. If you a typical Hakka, you will definitely love and appreciate your rice to be flooded with the ground tea. Yummy! 

Address : Ke Ren Lai Restaurant 客人来
6, Jalan Pingai, Taman Sri Pelangi, Johor Bahru

Tel : +60 7-331 2430
Bussiness Hour : 10am - 10pm

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Tai Son Seafod 太子海鲜楼 @ The Zon Stulang Laut, Johor Bharu

Tai Son Seafod 太子海鲜楼 @ The Zon Stulang Laut, Johor Bharu

The Zon Duty Free has its outlet at Stulang Laut, Johor Bahru. Although the range of duty free items is not wide compared to other famous duty free spots like Pulau Langkawi and Labuan, The Zon Stulang Laut still serves as a paradise for world renowned duty free liquor, tobacco and a vast array of international brands of chocolates, perfume and cosmetics. 

The Zon Duty Free in Stulang Laut comes with hotel, pub and restaurant. Having the advantage of locating within The Zon Duty Free, Tai Son Seafood able to offer alcoholic drinks at lower price. Other than the cheaper beers, Tai Son is also famous with its seafood cuisine.  

The restaurant is divided into two parts, the indoor is comfortably equipped with air-conditioner and suitable for a decent family dinner while outdoor seats enable diners to enjoy the breeze. 
Carlsberg RM25 per Jug
Beer is something not to be missed once you step into The Zon!
Tai Son Special Mee Hoon (Seafood)
 招牌太子海鲜米粉  RM18
Johor Bahru is famous with the "Sanlou-styled" fried mee hoon, which can also be found here with additional ingredients. "Sanlou-styled" fried mee hoon is first stir-fried and slightly pan-fried subsequently, rendering the outer side crispy and extremely fragrant. 

Fried Romance Lettuce 
A portion of green.

Kam Heong Lala
Kam Heong Lala is best to go with beer, especially with this cooking method, which is indeed savoury!

Chicken Wings
This is another recommended beer food. The marinade is great, coated with a layer of honey.
Hong Kong Style Steamed Tilapia
The fish is fresh and hence it is more than appropriate to be steamed just with soy sauce and ginger, successfully retain its freshness and sweetness.
If you are seafood lover, please look at the various seafood they have. I bet you will definitely be pleasant seeing all the fresh and live seafoods!

Address : Tai Son Seafood 太子海鲜楼
C3, Fun Zon, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, 
Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel : 607-221 9988
Business Hour : 3pm - 1am (extended to 1.30am on Friday & Saturday)