Thursday 31 March 2011

Tang Chuan Kopitiam 东泉 @ Ayer Hitam, Johore

  “东泉” being the old well known branded around Ayer Hitam.
 The most selling point is the Big Pork Bun. Some even travel long way from Singapore to have it as breakfast. The famous of the bun because of use the fresh and juicy ingredient. By right, it just selling at RM1.60. Is really cheap compare to other place. In the Hottest festival season, might wait for one two hours if not making any early reservation. The bun is on-site make, not over-night pre-steam stuff..
Let see the dish offering.
BBQ Pork Bun "Char Siew Pau"   RM0.90
Chicken Feet   RM1.60

Big Pork Bun   RM1.60

Siew Mai   RM1.60
Mark out this price.. is really cheap.

东泉包店 ( Tang Chuan Kopitiam )
Address : 763,Jalan Batu Pahat,
86100 Ayer Hitam
GPS :  N01 55.075'  E103 10.754'

Tel : 012-7269989 , 012-7549876 (Mr Leng)
Bussiness Hours : Early morning till finish

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Nightlife Creatures @ KLPAC, Sentul Park

Nightlife Creatures 《夜行动物》@ KLPAC, Sentul Park

“A modern Japanese comedy” – NIGHTLIFE CREATURES

From contemporary musical to most heritage comedy, klpac’s Resident Director, Kimmy Kiew will be directing a modern Japanese play written Yoichi Kobiyama. An urban comedy with over thirty characters that reflect the realities of city life – full of mystery, ridiculous situations, loneliness, humour and of course, romance.
Two road construction workers were going about their work when they suddenly heard tapping sounds from somewhere. It didn’t take them long to realise that it was in fact Morse code! The code translated to “Anyone there? Still alive!’
Out of curiosity, the two workers started searching for the source of the signal. They followed the sound until they reached a strange apartment occupied by even stranger people. First they met a mystery man, then a rude management officer, a lonely artist lady, a night club girl and many more people. It was all highly unusual.

*Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles

[Production Team]
Executive Producer: Dato Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Written by: Yoichi Kobiyama
Directed by: Kimmy Kiew
Choreographed by: Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan
Featuring: Dickson Chai, Season Chee, Abdul Qahar Aqilah, Monster Lee, Roax Tan, William Yap, Rex Teo, Robin Khor, Chong Wah Yoong, Li Qiang, Gwen Yap, Tammy Yee, Paz Lim, Jinnie Lim, Angel Chang, Gigi Chiam, Ng Chooi Hong, Grace Looi & Won ChinYan

Dickson Chai   Actress

Review :

This drama brought up a life with modern attitude. Busy life, selfish and ignorant to stranger
Busy life, work till midnight. In addition, all the people in their mind only money.
Beside money, can see the people are alone when in their room.
When people felt helpless, they will choose the short route (commit suicide).  
Because no one try understood and support them.
If everyone can hold the principle, one community help each other, this world will be more peace and happy.

All actor are very professional, even that this is the first show from their rehersal. Please Dont Mind me。I personally feel that the sound effect is very good, driven up the plot of drama. Especially, i feel impress about the short break show [Motor Show], it would not make the break time be bored and more entertain.
Perhaps I watch less drama show, this first time I saw such a plot[breaking time] in drama. Forgot to mention, Dickson Chai is my senior, i know him few year ago. I come to support his drama. You?

[Show Details]
Date & Time: 30 Mar (preview @ 8.30pm)
31 Mar – 1 Apr (8.30pm) 
2 Apr (3pm & 8.30pm) 
3 Apr (3pm)
Venue: Pentas 2, klpac
Tickets: RM33 / RM23 (students & disabled)
Promotions: RM 15 flat for Preview (30 Mar; Wed) & Saturday Matinee (2 April 2011)
Resident Directors Season Promotion:
20% off for I Am Not My Pimples + Nightlife Creatures or
30% off for I Am Not My Pimples + Nightlife Creatures + The Last Five Years + indicinelive
(applicable for adult priced tickets purchased in a single receipt only; promotions mutually exclusive; terms & conditions apply)


The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre @ Sentul Park
Tel: 03-4047 9000

The Actors Studio @ Lot 10
Tel: 03-2142 2009 / 2143 2009

For more enquiry (Mandarin), kindly contact Ooi Kee How: 017-478 4276

Following the recent earthquake in Japan, klpac has decided to raise funds for the earthquake victims via its upcoming production of Nightlife Creatures. Special fundraising tickets will be sold at RM50 each or RM10,000 per night (for 190tickets). 100% of the sales from these fundraising tickets will be channeled to a suitable NGO in Japan to aid relief and rehabilitation work. We will also place a donation box at the theatre’s entrance should the public wish to lend a hand. If you have further queries, please e-mail, or

Snapshot of this show
(credit all photos to Badrul Huzaimi (Kelab Shashin Fotografi KL))

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Wednesday 30 March 2011

I am Mad now

Listen here wherever i go, i found a mysterious symbol keeps appearing in front of me. The look of the mysterious symbol is very unique. To proof that i am not crazy man. Am my eye has problem?
[look carefully at the bottom-left corner of mountain]
 This incident was happen long time ago to me
 What is this? ? How come it always appear in front me?
Anyone here has discovered this symbol?
I worry. I am not crazy man. 
Ok ! Come a guess. Its maybe an impact to Earth. Alien coming? Is it radiation? Is it an apocalypse? 
Is it about getting infected?
  Who can tell me?

After i google about it? result come one! Not only me found that
A group of girl  took a video of this mysterious looking shadow or fish or something w
hen on the way back to KL from HK

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Monday 28 March 2011

Sam You Restaurant @ PJ New Town

Sam You Restaurant 三友酒家

During outstation life, the way to celebrate Chinese New Year nearby MBPJ
Table photo-ing


Sam You Restaurant (Corner shop)
Address : 56-58, Jalan 52/4 (next to Maybank/Watson PJ State)
GPS: N3 05.957 E101 38.794

Tel: 03-7955 1197 (for reservation)

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Friday 25 March 2011

My Honeymoon Dessert @ Kota Damansara , PJ

 My Honeymoon Dessert @  Kota Damansara
This branch has changed its origin look to more modern and stylist to fit the need of new born generation.
And so this branch operate in self service due to space restrain for many waiter.
And so, this branch has become smaller and make warm environment suitable for gathering.
Many dessert in menu was taken out in this branch due to limited space of kitchen.
But not too worry, the signature one still stick in menu. Some of new menu was add only in this branch.
Stay close to my post.. I tell you more.
the interior of the shop is quite in younger look.

Kick start with food tasting.
Mango Pancake 芒果班戟     RM9
Favorite choice
Durian Pancake 榴莲班戟     RM9
Favorite choice
Mango Cream with Sago and Pamelo  杨枝甘露     RM12
The Pamelo is in bitter. No doubt about it.. It originally is bitter too while it can see thru its name  "" means bitter in chinese.
Mango Special Maruko 超多芒小丸子     RM13
Every bite feels the balls and mango
Perfect Ten 十全十美     RM10
Absolutely it really come to perfect ingredient. Thin skin and full portion of ingredient.
Snow Fungus with papaya 南北杏雪耳炖木瓜     RM7
For me, this really a restorative dessert. 
Sweet Ball coated with crushed peanut  家乡糖不甩     RM7
Sesame Cream 生磨芝麻糊     RM6
Soft and smooth..
Sweet Potato in ginger soup  老姜番薯糖水     RM4
Sweet Heart  甜甜蜜蜜   RM9
Recommended for who couple which like to share the dessert.. wakaka
Waffle  华夫饼干   RM3.90
This waffle only available in this branch. So dont worry if you are feel sick of dessert, can try this.
Its totally different from other waffle stall. It come to soft skin and not oily.
Tea-Break promotion with purchase any Snow Ice item, exclusive this waffle with RM 1.00 only.
Mellow Fellow Panstry  米露细佬酥皮点心     RM16
Layer by layer, very good dessert with ice-cream.
ToFu Sweet Heart 甜之密语     RM11
Snow ice and mix fruit
Chocolate Sweet Heart Snow Ice 甜心朱古力     RM11
Adzuki Love 红豆初恋     RM10
Colorful Granulated Ice  幻彩杯杯冰     RM14
This more look like ABC. The different way is this come with fresh mango paste.
Mango Love  芒果之恋     RM12

Fresh mango snow ice.

All G+ members attending this invitation

Location : My Honeymoon Dessert ( Kota Damansara )
22-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
GPS : N03 09.106'  E101 35.586'

Bussiness Hours : Sun - Thurs  12.30am - 11.30pm
Fri - Sat  12.30pm - 12.30am

Toll Free : 1-800-22-1880 ( enquiry )
 FB : My Honeymoon 甜蜜港式甜品屋

Invited to this My Honeymoon Dessert Food-tasting Gathering 
organized by  Glitterati+ Club

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