Monday 30 November 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

wohoo....found out both image already lor...

wakakkaa....Sherlock Holmes

i m coming to u

thx nuffnang

Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Sherlock Holmes

Saturday 28 November 2009

Tian Pin Ge Ge @ SS2 , Petaling Jaya

Tian Pin Ge Ge 甜品哥哥

located at SS2 , Petaling Jaya
Opposite to "Wai Shi Kai" and same row with Maybank

# Go there is because of My Brother Birthday ar....seem tat time me not free
so celebrate with him early day #

meaningful menu??

# nono , is daze on my eye...i feel that nobody will read it after order dessert #


Sesame Paste + Sweet Potato

Almond Paste + Green Beans

Fresh Milk + TangYuan

# this is one special order , it tangyuan change from red beans to peanut #
# the waitress blur blur on it d, hahazz #

Present to brother Chiun Yee

# this present is d special on to him i think , no people hand it #

yaya..its him big day

three special candle on muffin

# what so call special?? cant b drawn after blow it #
# Play a fool with him #


# d candle drawn and light it back on it own. continuosly till him blur on it#

end bill : RM13.75

remark : d taste of food so so oli...


Thursday 26 November 2009


to those eyesore with my blog language ,

u may not visiting my blog anymore next time
it's up to you , my blog is for my freedom to write.
none of your business
plus , i like to use my poor language becoz i not rich as XXX

my reader is freedom to choose whether read or no read my blog
plus , my honor reader are not as "shubei" as u
they are all come from various part of world and full with gentle

* even u using tat anonymous sub-name , i can trace u d...miss

thank you for supporting my blog this long time ,
apologize for hurting your eyes

Old Asia @ One Utama Shopping Center

Old Asia

located at One Utama,Petaling Jaya
same row , next to Kenny Roger

while windows shopping at there , get a unknown flyer stated there had a promotion on it
that y lock the target d find direction to it

row of light

paint on wall

9x9 block

Promotion 1

Promotion 2

Lemon tea again + Bubur Cha Cha

Bubur Cha Cha

Mini Curry World ( include rice )

Sang Har Mee

End Bill : RM29.50

remark : a bit expensive on this limited food and tasteless

Wednesday 25 November 2009


Shell and Bonuslink

Blue instruction box

# too nonsense d #

Vacuum Thermo Flask

# haha , very rare white colour d thermo flask #
still left 1434 redeemed points

yesterday evening , i go search on Bonuslink website for redeem any gift
just for fun
all I see is it need more then 5000 point to redeem a single gift (walau....dun hv la)
but after look thru on it , just wonder have any promotion Redeem-on-the-spot programme
running on major Shell Petrol station.
which ever use less redeem point to get a gift and can get award after that
I straight "fly" to nearby shell petrol station to discover it out
Finally , i have my Vacuum Thermo Flask in hand with 2200 Points on it

remark : have been Bonuslink member for 2 and more year , i just redeem twice before.
had any promotion can redeem more gift using less point
or earning more point getting more gift, which ever?

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Cameron Highlands @ Pahang

@Finally finish my exam month.
Before this ,i had planed have my trip to Cameron Highlands.
this is my time drive my own car going.
this 2 days 1 night trip has begun at 9am.
when time reach CH already 11.30am from tapah toll.

firstly , i nid to check in my room. i suppose check in at 11am as i promise
but i m late to it.

In time few minits , i found it. This HillView Inn is located in a town of Tanah Rata
the outerior look alike Europe style housing. very best on it.
this INN is manage by a family.
i can c his whole family live there and also have their own personal kitchen
even though , c their family photo hanging on lobby
Talk about the room , it rely big as me expected.
the services can compete with "star level: hotel
the price are inexpensive and affordable

(alike stay in TUNE hotel , all the luxury thing are except such TV , kettle , only the one we need it we paid...wakaka)

After check in , i straightly go out have a walk..din waste single time.

Roadside's TEA Shop

# at here can look thru whole mountain with tea plant,really nice landscape #

Cactus Valley

# here the place all tourist will be hanging here once they reach Cameron Highlands. Here have a lot of plant , can take a whole picture in one time.
save a lot of time #

#All this giant Cactus is “Preciousness” #
#with 2 entrance ticket#

# here have a lot of flower , can have many photo on it, it oso can set as desktop wallpaper#
#“Tomato Street” here can found mostly on major travel blog as me too#

# Taraxacum + Pinkish Rose#

# photo with cactus #
# huge cactus #
# photo with lavender #


is located only walking distance from cactus valley

# i like this place. becoz of bright color with red and green. make the whole environment look fresh #

# here have one dessert shop. sold the most strawberry product #

# Strawberry yogurt with honey + Strawberry sundae ice cream #
# YUMMY x2 #


this place located at Brichang, which near to KEA FARM,not at Tringkap there。
renovation is going on this place. hope the new will be better.

# here have a small exhibition hall and The largest indoor Maze in Malaysia (It show the banner like tat, true false nobody know )#
Due to limited time,tat maze i din tried it,wish next time can do it.

# beside that, here have a lot of apiary #

KEA Farm 's daily MARKET

# go there to buy fresh vegetable,and then back to room prepare for dinner. #
# around 8pm just have my dinner after preparing it#
# haha , it look very delicious. all this thanks to my preferred chef #
# finish my dinner,preparing go to night market have a walk, but but unfortunately is only available on sad #
# too bad. Just only can go around around den back to rest#
# planning for tomorrow schedule #

EQ Strawberry Farm

after having my lite breakfast,we move to here. why choose here?
because of OWN pluck Strawberry (only here have big big strawberry can c n pluck)

one plate of big big strawberry

BOH TEA CENTER sungai palas

here is one of place me awaiting long time
# here feel an Xanadu,it hidden from outside,
it only can reach by passing mountain and slim road #

# i like this part , creative design match with the building along valley area #

# Modern design + exhibition hall + lounge #

is time for visiting BOH tea Factory
1)tea leaves was send to second floor for cleaning process
2)rolling tea leaves + fermentation it
3)drying tea leaves
4)sorting tea leaves

tea leaves is ready for packaging

at this moment, it definitely for me to taste BOH tea

i order an butter cake and on hot BOH tea
# my preferred chef is pouring fresh milk into BOH tea
# tea is good , its really enjoy to have hot tea in such cool place#
# really enjoyable #


haha, here have planted a lot of hydroponics

my favorite photo on this trip

Strawberry Family
Didn't u see that have flower , strawbeery and the piebald

In my discover , here have more variety of dessert choice compare to other place
next time will be here to tried it all

# its time end my trip and BYE BYE CAMERON HIGHLANDS#

Remark : return to KL for another 1.30 hours. but before that go have a tried IPOH FAMOUS Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken