Friday 11 December 2009

Ichiban Ramen @ AEON Seberang Prai

Just back from AEON Seberang Perai , straight away write this blog
going there to have my dinner and shopping
Turn around and around , finally reach 一番拉面Ichiban Ramen
(specialist franchise shop on Ramen )
inside shop clear and clean ( maybe due to clear then clean)
clear = no guest
at BM here,normally less people will going out for walk on weekday such here,
not alike in KL all day long crowd.

(photo shown : own made wallpaper and menu)

waiting for serve
(waiter here very polite, as me see previously during Taiwan vocation)
东炎拉面~Tomyam Set
(Fried chicken......yummy-ness)
(+ d tomyam soup definitely try unless u love spicy)
泡菜饭~Kimuchi Don
泡菜饭~Kimuchi Bento
炸虾套饭~Ebi Bento
(big portion to my stomach...sesame rice+soup+vege+....)
茶碗蒸 ~Chawanmushi
tissueReceipt :RM83.95

p/s :an over-unexpected pricing,go to shopping after that。wahaha


  1. I´m sure everything in here taste good, is it expensive?...

  2. d price still ok..accpetable..rely yummy..

  3. nice food. :O) very hungry.

  4. hahaa...most d time..see food ll make ppl hungry