Thursday 31 December 2009

The Storm Warriors 2

Now showing
Storm Warrior 2
is release after 12 years of Storm Warrior
Heard much negative comment on this movie
Mostly they feel that this movie is over depending on
Computer After Effect
in this, i choose for it to have view on it,
see whether movie is good.(i feel it is great movie effect)
i enjoy most of it..
actually in this old comic is definitely overstate
some on the comic weapon and action is too over until cant film it
is true.maybe some them din read tat comic ll feel so only.
In story , all hero are try to conquer the world with their own kungfu skill
be world NUMBER ONE
therefore, some of the action and weapon is out of imagine
the main selling point on this movie is on their
Computer After Effect
(but why many said its too much depending on effect)
i feel it is reasonable
if i was a comic lover , that drawing on comic book
sudden change to motion movie,
it so wonderful to them,
at they no need waste time to imagine all the
tactic, action , weapon

This DECEMBER is my birthday month,
GSC is giving me as a GSC online member a birthday treat.
Free for me a Movie ticket.
it only can redeem on not on latest movie screening
i redeem it at GSC Tropicana City Mall
see that showing RM0.00 on ticket

p/s:waiting for another 12 years for Storm Warrior 3?
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  1. Anonymous11:54 am

    xtgk lg muvi ni..

  2. @lionteen pigi tek la...nice

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