Thursday 10 December 2009

McD Drive-thru @ Juru Auto City

last nite , so excited gonna do some crazy stuff...

I straight go to "my nearest"Mcd to have a Drive-thru
(Act the place Juru Autocity very Far from my house d)

d main purpose to me go so far is to have my Sundae Ice-Cream
(Holiday is too bored , owis me do weird weird stuff)

Take a Shot at Roadside
(Aft few shot , i headed to Drive-thru...haha)
(Stop at parking lot dy...but 2day i still prefer drive-thru)

Drive-Thru Ordering Machine

(Crazy stuff to me)

Ordering Screen
(tat is two different screen..
one is welcome screen another is confirmation screen)

December Offer
(Apple pie or Sundae)
(becoz of a free gift,me might spend extra RM20 to get it)
Collecting Areahere d shot on Free Sundae i get

Buy other 2 Filet-O-Fish and 2 McFlurry Oreo
(request from my bro sis)
Receipt :RM22.35

Remark : instead finish my Sundae, i finish one burger too
( excuse to buy wrong burger)


  1. yummy.......

    want to exchange link????? once u have link mine... i will link urs.. thanks...

    pls also participate in the survey... thanks...

  2. i exchange link with u edy...pls check on..visit on

  3. you are making me hungry T___T

  4. @wen pink...yoyo.let go eat ba..kekeke

  5. i miss mcd in m'sia :(

  6. @ chia wei...where u nw?come bec to taste mcd nw...vri IN edy..wahaha