Friday 2 December 2011

Pao Xiang BKT 宝香绑线肉骨茶 @ Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong

Pao Xiang BKT 宝香绑线肉骨茶 @ Taman Usahawan Kepong

Pao Xiang BKT has been introduce its Bak Kut Teh "special string tie meat" national wide, and even spread its uniqueness to Singapore. They getting well-known and popular among all Malaysia citizen and not forgetting on International platform. Today, everyone know their best string tie meat and simply can get it anywhere when you craving for its Bak Kut Teh. 

 Cleanliness and good air-circulation
 Collection of chicken pot (鸡公碗)
Choice of tea bag - 988 Cha Wang (Gold), 988 Cha Wang, Shui Hsien, Kok Po, Pu Er, Tie Kuan Yin 988, Tie Kuan Yin Cha Wang, Jasmine)

Pai Kut   RM10.50
A kick start with an individual pot of BKT. The soup is remain hot until the end because of the candle below the pot heating it all the time. Their soup is rich with pepper aroma and many other traditional recipe herbal. This is my first time to taste their BKT, and I like it. 
In anticipation of the coming Dragon Year (2012) , Pao Xiang BKT is very excited to introduce a new dish to celebrate and welcome this auspicious New Year. What are new dish wanted and waiting for so long? is Big Bowl Feast, which is a traditional dish believed to have been invented in the late Song Dynasty.
Pao Xiang's Chinese New Year Big Bowl Feast
Fresh Salmon Yee Sang
Their Yee Sang is prepared with all natural ingredients. They strictly promise no artificial coloring and additives but its still can retaining all the vibrant colors and fresh taste of this Yee Sang, a must have to begin your Chinese New Year feast! What inside the Yee Sang? They use pok chui, pickled garlic, julienne carrots, Japanese cucumbers, Konnyaku, pomelo pulps, top with slices of raw salmon and sprinkles of fragrant sesame seeds. Fresh and Original.
 Lou Sang process undergoing.
Treasure Pot (Poon Choi)
A sinfully delectable dish that is traditionally prepared and served during special celebrations where everyone get together for a feast. This is communal style, signifying family unity, happiness and equality, a significant dish to be served during Chinese New Year. Their Poon Choi consists of a 12 heads of abalone, flower mushrooms, sea cucumbers, stewed pork belly (sam chan bah) Chinese cabbage and taro, all resting on different layers and served in an earthen pot (sah pou). 

Last but no least, a dessert of loong gan and luo han uo (monk fruit) will be served.
The founder / chef of Pao Xiang BKT - Ah Chong

This Pao Xiang Treasure Feast will start selling at all branch from 26 Dec 2011 onward until CNY 2012. For more information, please visit the nearest branch to you.

RM168 ++ (2pax)
RM288 ++ (4pax)
RM418 ++ (6pax)
RM668 ++ (10pax)
(price above only for dine-in , all including Treasure Pot, Fresh Salmon Yee Sang and dessert)

If you wish to have this Treasure Pot as take away, you can easily place the pot on your gas stove or a portable stove if you have one and have it. (limited on 10 pax portion of Poon Choi, w/out fresh salmon Yee Sang and dessert)

Address :  Pao Xiang BKT  宝香绑线肉骨茶 (Kepong Branch)
No 102, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 Kepong, KL
GPS : N03 12.908'  E101 38.277'

Business Hour : 9am to 10.30pm
Tel : 603-6259 8926

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  1. whoa.. dis was nice man!! ^_^.v..

  2. @smallkucing Very nice.. Treasure pot.. May have a try..

    @aki Thanks.. Go to have a try with friends.. taste the different!

  3. treasure pot? hmmmm, sounds good! will try it out soon. :)

  4. @xueren Yup.. Is very delicious with those seafood seafood ingredients.. Try during CNY, more meaningful! Haha

  5. poon choi! i love that dish. its seriously a pot of treasures with its many ingredients:D

    interesting to see them add poon choi into their menu to cater for CNY. Smart move!

  6. @Missyblurkit This treasure pot is a luxury type.. Its contains most of the expensive ingredient.. Important thing is their price is affordable too.. May get out all buddy to try this during CNY.. haha

  7. Christmas oso not over and already you are lou sang-ing over there. tsk tsk... such good life u have :P

  8. @merryn Haha.. Good Good life, not owis can get.. Must enjoy it Gao Gao first.. You also can make a lou sang before Xmas d.. Ahead to plan.. Haha

  9. Wah nice one. I suppose to attend but fall sick a day before that.

  10. @ken Hope you recovery soon.. Haha.. Maybe you can request for an another arrangement to taste it.. The fish maw very nice!

  11. Now even BKT chain also can lou sang & have pun choy, so great!

  12. puchong这边也新开了一间,没记错的话。。。嘿嘿

  13. @choiyen Yalor,now many of restaurant doing PUN CHOY fest.. Just maybe different on the ingredient..

  14. @冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ 对啊,哪里也有一间分店的,你可以去试一试zhe盆菜啊。哈哈。

  15. 这么快开始“捞生”了?

  16. @小雪 哈哈,没有办法时间很快过的,先庆祝了。

  17. Hi All Eater,

    Date : 08/04/2012

    I just visited your Klang Centro branch and had my worst experience ever in Pao Xiang.

    I thought my experience in Pao Xiang Berkeley Klang is bad enough but the Klang Centro is the worst.

    Very very regret I still give Pao Xiang a chance to proof it is a good restaurant to have a good dinner.

    Will NEVER NEVER go to ANY PX BRANCH for myself and my family or my friend.

    The food is still OK but the customer service at both shop is so terrible terrible terrible.

    I being to Kepong Branch and the service there is GOOD.

    Regret to visit PX and made my dinner such a ad experience. Rather go to any restaurant around than this PX.

    I tried give my comment to the PX management through their website but the comment segment not even working.


    1. @myinspire Hi, I had forward ur complaint to the management.. I think they will followed up with their franchiser for the bad customer services.. Hope you will still enjoy their BKT in future time..

  18. Thanks Nikel.

    I believe we appreciate good food and also with good service.


    1. @myinspire sure.. have a nice day!

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