Friday 23 December 2011

My Heineken Moments @ The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza Mall, PJ

My Heineken Moments @ The Beer Factory

About few weeks back, I was received a call from Nuffnang saying that I was chosen to host a party for myself and my friends, and its specially brought to me by Heineken Party Moments. When I heard about it, I stunt for few seconds and start thinking on how do I organize a party with Heineken beer. In that moment, there are few wonderful scenes keep appearing in my mind before i accept the offer. Well, I do accept the offer.

Then immediately, i called up my blogger friends to gather them and announce this good news to them, as they always the Heineken beer lover. Of course, good thing must be shared. I am very kind generous person. Do I? Lol. So, I'm strictly myself to make it as happening as possible i can. Back on the night, everyone getting  drunk including me. FUN with Heineken beer.
Seriously, i found this place was so good for having a party with its music and ambiance. Of course, I will visit here for my next party. Everyone was enjoy the night. A pictures worth thousand words. Below was some photo snap of the night.  See how we getting HIGH!

Lastly, a very thanks to Heineken, Nuffnang, and my blogger friends for making this happen. Wish everyone have a great Christmas in advance. Merry Christmas! *Situation now DRUNK!

Address :  The Beer Factory
Sunway Giza Mall
2, Jalan PJU 5/14, 
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
GPS : N03 09.100'  E101 35.454'

Business Hour :  Sun - Thur  4pm - 2am
Fri - Sar  4pm - 3pm

Reservation : 03-6141 6450 (Sunway Giza)
 03-7982 1381 (Scott Garden)

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  1. awesome night! =)

  2. lucky no my yong sui face lol :P

  3. nice ! I look damn chaotut in the picture T.T

  4. @tony Wow.. Addicted with yesterday night.. Wish to get more in future..

    @ken No.. every single photo being selected.. Everyone look perfect.. Keke

  5. @yeeingng Huh? What means Chaotut? But you look great in PICS ya..

  6. hahahaha... epic nite! :D

  7. @henry sometimes is good.. Relax ma.. haha

  8. I looked so funny. The tiny little me. LOL

  9. @jiayeen YoYo... Just a wrong photo crop..

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