Friday 30 December 2011

Lucky Delight Cafe 奇福小吃站 @ Taman Kota Permai, Bukit Mertajam

Lucky Delight Cafe 小吃站@ Taman Kota Permai

About two months ago , there were one real Taiwanese cafe new opened nearby my house, which operates by a local and his Taiwanese wife (chef in house). Everything here were actually homecooked Taiwanese food, and you will taste the real Taiwanese food. I had read few review about this cafe before this, therefore I decide to taste it on my own with my family ahead. Be honest at the same location, there were several cafe/restaurant opened and shut down in few months due to lack of customers. So, I wish to share this news to all of you, support the authentic Taiwanese food. For me, the food is well well above average. 

Clean and simple decor in the cafe. Feel like a home!
Menu of the day. For info, the menu is rotating daily from their fix menu.
Roselle Tea (refillable) RM1
Onion Braised Pork Rice  RM5
Braised Pork Rice  RM5
Braised Beef Noodles   RM7
"Ma Lat" Spicy Noodles   RM5
Pork Noodles   RM5
Steamed Dumpling   RM6
Rich in ingredients.  Must ate while still in hot. Yum Yum!
Deep Fried Dumpling  RM6
To be honest, the price here is outstanding if compare to other coffee shop nearby its. But, is worth for a try. I personally do like their braised beef noodles. Definitely will back there for that one again. Lastly here, if you think it is nice, do spread it to your friends. 

Address : Lucky Delight Cafe 奇福小吃站
10,Lorong Kota Permai 11,
Taman Kota Permai,
14000 Bukit Mertajam. Penang.
GPS : N05 20.461'  E100 27.499'

Business Hour :  11am - 9pm (call to reconfirm)
(Closed on Monday)
Tel : 04-5078116

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  1. @smallkucing Aiya.. the portion is slightly small if compare to other.. But the taste is good.. Nice to eat that..

  2. food does look good and i kinda like the steamed dumplings. looks very packed with ingredients and a good balance of meat with vegie.

  3. @missyblurkit The food is good.. I purposely take the shot of the inner part of dumpling.. YUM

  4. taiwan delicacies. yum yum.

  5. @AnneLee Yum.. U need try this..

  6. the food looks yummy and reasonable price too! :)

  7. @xueren Haha.. Food is yummy.. But the price at the small town is overpriced...

  8. a yummy post to end 2011, have a happy new year 2012 bro!

  9. @isaac Thanks.. More to come on next year! kekeke

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