Monday 26 December 2011

Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, KL

Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Wah.. Did you notice that Chinese New Year is coming around in few week more? Time is flying fast, just right after Christmas celebration, now is time prepare for Chinese New Year celebration. Well.. In traditional way, most of the Chinese like me will have a Chinese New Year eve dinner (reunion dinner 团圆饭) on CHU XI 除夕. Its a symbolic of a family unite and be a last dinner of the lunar calendar. Hope everything will goes fine and healthy for coming year.

Chinese New Year is around corner, the restaurant is fully furnished with the decoration of chinese new year, As the coming year is year of Dragon, So, the decorations are main on Dragon , red packet and gold bricks.. I like gold bricks in red packet.. But, What about the food? Will it be something different or special on this year?
Let us say goodbye to rabbit and welcome the year of dragon! To celebrate The Year of the Dragon, Chef Leong Weng Heng meticulously prepares fresh Yee Sang perfect for either dining or as gifts. It is a great way to express the good wishes in the Dragon Year to your family and friends. Featuring Salmon, Giant Clam, Crispy Fish Skin, Fresh Scallop, Sliced Abalone and many others with price starting from RM58++.

At this Chinese New Year’s Eve, celebrate a happy reunion with your family with a grandiose dinner at Lai Ching Yuen. Seasonal fish, shark’s fin soup, abalone, roasted duck and barbecue suckling pig are just some of the auspicious dishes in Lai Ching Yuen Reunion Menus promotion. Menus are at RM1,280++, RM1,480++, RM1,680++ and RM1,780++ and served for 10 persons.
  Prosperity Yee Sang with fresh scallop, mango and crystal pear   
the chef added in new element by replacing the salmon with scallop, putting in fresh mango slices, and fresh strawberry sauce. First try on this combination of yee sang, and I love it so much!

RM118++ for half portion , RM228++ for whole portion

Imported Australia Scallop
Pure strawberry sauce with plum sauce.. Yum Yum
Every ingredient in the yee sang has its own prosperity meaning.
Lou Sang-ing
My plate of Lou Sang.. A great start of this Dragon year!
Sweet and sour pork ribs
The pork ribs are braised till very tender, and fully absorb every single essence of the gravy. The sweet-sourness of this dish indeed opens up the flavour. i bet this will be one of the favourite for children too.
It is best to consume with a bowl of rice. 
RM25 per rib
 Lak zi prawns
Prawns also a Must during Chinese New Year, meaning that we will always "ha ha dai siew" during the coming year. It is not too spicy and suitable for whole family.

RM60 for small portion, RM120 per large portion
 Braised duck with sea cucumber and black sea moss
The combination of this dish is also quite surprising me. I never thought before to put the sea treasures with braised duck, did you? salute to the chef who always comes out with new idea on the foods. The duck is well braised, can you imagine how tender it is, it melted in my mouth!

RM90 for half duck, RM180 for whole portion
 Braised dried oyster with mushroom, mushroom and bean puff
This Chinese New Year dish must be acknowledged by all the Chinese family-- Hou Si Fa Choy. After eat this, all the journey for next year will be smooth and strike lottery maybe?

RM68 for small portion, RM136 for big portion

 Claypot rice with waxed meat (Lap Mei)
Lap Mei was one of the traditional foods for Chinese in the past, our ancestor used to store up and preserve it by air-dried it. According to the chef, those "Lap mei" are imported, and it was naturally air-dried, just as what our ancestor did it, but not factory-manufactured.

RM25 per person

Red bean puree with glutinous rice dumpling
Glutinous rice dumpling means "yun yun mun mun" and "tim tim mat mat" A tradtional hong kong styled dessert which brings a good omen.

RM12 per bowl
A brand new Dragon year start with good food. I wishing here everyone have a prosperity and health on the coming year. Happy Chinese New Year in advance! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Address : Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园
1st Floor, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 08.888' E101 42.697'

Contact : +603-21174180
Fax: +603-21421441

Operating Hours:
 Lunch :
Monday to Friday : 12:00 to 14:30
Weekend and Public Holiday : 11:00 to 14:30 (Dim Sum available)
Daily : 18:30 to 22:30

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  1. wow so early lou sang already? it brings me the CNY feel :D


  2. @fish Haha.. CNY feel is come fast..

  3. saw they advertise in FB. Was thinking of going

  4. @smallkucing No nid think.. Must go try their dimsum or cook food.. is so nice!

  5. Anonymous11:26 am

    Next year's CNY is really fast....the atmosphere is there already...
    Wish u Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ;-)

  6. @melissa Happy New Year.. Merry Christmas is end.. ready to celebrate CNY?

  7. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Hhhmm....ready start festive mood edi.. =p

  8. @melissa Haha.. After Christmas shopping will turn to CNY shopping..