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Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant 钻苑 @ One World Hotel, PJ

Zuan Yuan  Chinese Restaurant 钻苑 @ One World Hotel

As its name suggest, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant features a treasure trove of gems. Silver leaf ceilings, magnificent chandeliers, ebony doors and artifacts of wine jars complements the décor and cuisine of the restaurant. Savour Cantonese specialties cooked in various styles that reflect time-honoured traditions within a classical inspired interior décor of sophisticated splendour. 

There are 6 private rooms for discreet dining and private functions. To add to the truly authentic experience is an extensive list of Chinese teas and other beverage to complement your dining experience in Zuan Yuan.
One World Hotel usher in the year of the dragon with a delicious celebration of auspicious Yee Sang, delicate festive dim sum and innovative set menus prepares by their master chefs, Michael Chew.. From 9 January to 12 February 2012, Yee Sang and Chinese New Year specialties will be served daily for lunch and dinner at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant. Treat family and friends to our Festive Set menus with auspicious dishes for another year of abundance and prosperity.

Zuan Yuan Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu
As I'm very traditional Chinese, I think that Chinese New Year meal cannot just simply come with normal dish. That is no meaning of celebrate Chinese New Year, in the special festive must have special dish. Do you agree with me? So, for my Chinese New Year, every dish will be large and rich ingredients. Just like what I'm going to show below this. 
Yee Sang with Polo Clam and Shredded Sweet Turnip in Truffle Oil
Yee Sang or Raw fish salad is a perennial dish during the Lunar New Year celebration. Toss your way to good fortune and abundance of wealthy with this Zuan Yuan's new Yee Sang variation. 
 with Polo Clam

 As usual, the more messy of the Yee Sang, the more meaningful of this Yee Sang belong.
Poached Village Chicken with Pickled Radish and Chili
Come on this chicken, I prefer the chicken like this, which are not oil when putting in mouth. The chicken meat is so soft and delicious. I actually had more on this dish rather then other dish. Yum!
Steamed Red Grouper with "Medan" Sauce
What is "Medan" Sauce? This sauce is more deviation to asam sauce, but it was not as spicy sour like asam. Its taste just between sweet sour and spicy sour. I do like this type of steamed fish very very much.
Now, the Chef Michael bringing us this Tiger Prawn. According to chef said, why using Papaya and Milk as part of  ingredients, this is because people now are more tendency to eat for healthy. Therefore, this dish definitely fulfill the criteria. And, i found out all the diners that night were finish it in less than 10 minutes.. Wah.. Delicious..
Wok-Fried Butter Tiger Prawn with Papaya and Milk
Stewed Mixed Vegetable in Bean Curb Parcel
with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss
Last but not least, we must have equal nutrition in our regular meal. This turn was come to vegetable dish. Inside the bean curb parcel, its contains of dried oyster and sea moss, and all sort vegetable.
This Prosperity Chinese New Year menu will be available from 23 January - 12 February 2012. The price for the menu is starting from RM988++ per table of 8-10 person. Its available for both on lunch and dinner. 

For a reunion meal with the family or a gastronomic celebration with friends and bussiness associates, make your way to Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant. For info, Zuan Yuan remains open on the eve of Lunar New Year and throughout the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year. Great to have a delicious Reunion Dinner in Zuan Yuan.
Honey Glazed Boneless Chicken topped with Crispy Ginger Flakes
The super thin crisp ginger perfect match with honey chicken. I do strongly recommend this dish as your a-la-carte selection, is excellent delicious.


Prosperity Yee Sang
9 Jan - 12 Feb 2012
Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant celebrates with four types of Yee Sang served with seaweed and assorted fresh fruits, salmon and sweet turnip, salmon with sweet turnip in truffle oil and sliced abalone with snow pear.

Yee Sang with Seaweed & Assorted Fresh Fruits    RM55++ (half portion)   RM110++ (full portion)
Yee Sang with Salmon & Shredded Sweet Turnip   RM70++ (half portion)   RM140++ (full portion)
Yee Sang with Salmon & Shredded Sweet Turnip   RM85++ (half portion)  RM170++ (full portion)
 in Truffle Oil
Yee Sang with Sliced Abalone & Snow Pear          RM90++ (half portion)  RM180++ (full portion)

Priced from RM55++ per half portion for eat-in or takeaway

Reunion Joy Set Menus
14 - 22 Jan 2012

Three reunion set menus priced from RM1288++ per table of 8-10 person are available serving delectable dished such as Salmon Yee Sang with Sweet turnip, Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried scallop, Zuan Yuan Crispy Roasted Chicken and Duck, Steamed Giant Grouper with Tangerine Skin in Light Soya sauce, Wok-Fried JUmbo Tiger Prawn with "Ma La" Spicy sauce, Stir-Fried Australian scallop with Lily Bulb, Honey Pea and Macadamia Nut, Steamed Fragrance Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat, Chicken Sausage and Yam in Lotus Leaf, Chilled Honey Date with Aloe Vera and Dried Longan; and Deep-Fried "Nian Gao" with Pumpkin in Salted Egg Yolk.

Dragon Feast Set Menus
23 Jan - 12 Feb 2012

Zuan Yuan 's specially designed menus priced from RM988++ per table of 8 -10 persons. Feast on auspiciously named dishes that will herald in prosperity, wealthy, health and all good thing in life.

Vivacious offerings include Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Shredded Abalone and Dried Scallop, Wok-Fried Tiger Prawn with Papaya and Butter, Braised Dried Scallop ith Dried Oyster, Sea Moss in "Lou Han" Bean curb Parcel with Garden Green; and Steamed Red Spotted Grouper with Wood Fungus an Red Date. For Dessert, Zuan Yuan's Home-Made Deep Fried "Nian Gao" with Pumpkin and Salted Egg Yolk is not to be missed.

Festive Lunar Dim Sum (Available for lunch only)
23 Jan - 12 Feb 2012

Yum Cha session with Zuan Yuan. Revel in Savory and sweet creations such as Steamed Seafood Dumpling with Herbal Ginseng Soup and Shark's Fin, Steamed Shanghai Siew Loong Pau with Crab Roa and Meat, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken, Pacific Clam, Mushroom and Abalone sauce in Lotus Leaf, Steamed Beijing "Sui Gao" with "Loong Cheng" Tea, Steamed "Fen Guo" with Assorted Vegetables, Deep-Fried Prawn Spring Roll with Australian Scallop, Oven-Baked Puff Pastry with Lotus Paste and Salted Egg Yolk and Double-boiled Almond Juice with Bird's Nest. Priced RM13++ per portion.

For reservation at Zuan Yuan, kindly call 603-76811159.

Address : Zuan Yuan  Chinese Restaurant 钻苑
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS : N03 08.910' E101 36.954'

Business Hour Opens daily:
Lunch 12.00noon to 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Lunch 11.00am to 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Tel: 03-76811159

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