Wednesday 14 December 2011

Petaling Street Warriors 《大英雄 • 小男人》 @ GSC TCM

Petaling Street Warriors 《大英雄 • 小男人》 @ GSC TCM

I only watch this movie after its had been screening for almost 2 weeks. No No.. Nowadays, I seldom go  watch movie due to dunno what reason. I feel like dont have any mood to watch Movie. But year end now, many of the great movie on show, I need get out from my room and walk into cinema now.. Wakaka..

Rated: PG-13
Language: Chinese, Manglish, English, Malay, Japanese
Genre: Comedy, action
Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Director: James Lee
Cast: Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Namewee, Chris Tong, Frederick Lee, Henry Thia
Synopsis: "Set in Petaling Street in 1908, it tells of a hokkien mee seller (Mark Lee) who finds himself entangled in deadly battles with skilled fighters. Little did he know that he is in possession of a lost treasure map linked to the Qing Dynasty and must refrain himself from consummating his marriage to master the "Virgin Kung Fu" skills to overcome his opponents" (GSC Movies).

My words : This movie truly cheer up my mood after watched it. I like this.. Maybe some of them feel like talking nonsense within this movie.. But I personally feel that, why so serious? Stay cheer everyday, more charming. Some of the issue in this movie was true and I was inspired. One phrase. Your hard works will be pay one-day!

Petaling Street Warriors Trailer - 大英雄 小男人预告



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  1. u should watch more movie now or else will like me no chance to go cinema after have kid =.="

  2. @choiyen Haha.. I not yet married pun.. Maybe next time if I work, will have more time to watch movie... Relax ma.. U can bring your kid watch cartoon ma.. she likely one!

  3. ahhh damn!! i yet to watch this!

  4. @eric fast fast go watch.. heard it to be taken down by next week..

  5. I watched.. So funny... Petaling Street no pirated...

  6. @soulesscloudy Is kinda sad for the word la.. abit shame that Petaling street is well-known pirated market.. But anyway, is just for fun.. hehe

  7. this movie is super funny eh! *LIKE*


  8. @fish Super funny and meaningful also.. Must change mindset in order to get change...