Monday 5 December 2011

Restaurant Jia Hian 佳香饭店 @ Taman Merak Jaya , Simpang Ampat, Penang

Restaurant Jia Hian 佳香饭店 @ Taman Merak Jaya

At this moment, i am seriously craving for crab, especially baked crab. But just for today, i intro something different from what cannot find at other place. Special Claypot crab rice which i looking for it long time ago at hidden residential area at Tambun, Penang. This is really a new food found. I called up all my family to hunt for it, as this shop is not far from my place for our weekend lunch. Claypot crab rice is much more tasty than baked. The crab is remain fresh and juicy even after put in cook with claypot, not the dry type found on baked crab. You can imagine how the crab juicy on your mounts. Unpredictable!

Claypot Crab Rice 砂煲螃蟹饭   RM62
 Three big Crab in this Claypot. Great.
Claypot  Seafood  Taufu  砂煲海鲜豆腐  RM9
Yam Braised Pork  芋头扣肉  RM16
Fried Sambal Kangkung   马来风光   RM9
Claypot Curry Shark  砂煲咖哩黑翅  RM21

Address : Restaurant Jia Hian 佳香饭店
52, Lorong Merak 58, Taman Merak Jaya
14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang
GPS : N05 16.401'  E100 28.051'

Business Hour :  11am - 10pm (Monday Closed)
Tel : 04-5079023

New address :No. 2, Jalan Idaman, Taman Idaman
04-5079023, 012-4541336

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  1. has this shop been in TV show ? Looks familiar

  2. @smallkucing Haha.. I think nope. Its not yet been discovered.. Maybe in future! Very nice one..

  3. HI hi! THanks for the visit and comment! :D

    I do love the local food that places far apart from KL, my mom's friends do bring us to all places for good foods when we were there!


  4. @meitzeu Ya.. Alot nice nice food hideen in street until its being discovered!

  5. 1st discovered by you :)

  6. @smallkucing Not la.. Is there for an ancient time.. Just not yet a proper write-up for them.. Abit waste lor.. keke

  7. oh my.. this was sure good.. Okay,will be contacting U if I'm in penang.. can ah?? :-p

  8. @aki Haha.. Ok.. But i not sure i'm in Penang onot..

  9. awww it has been so long since i last had a yam braised pork! miss it so much after seeing ur pict here


  10. @fish You can find it at restaurant ar.. so got d.. have that as your Xmas dinner.. Nice try??!!

  11. @tony Shark cant eat meh? This one feed one.. not ocean big shark!

  12. Anonymous12:51 am

    Nikel, the shop phone number has changed to 04-5079023. The mobile phone still the same. I was there last week. Perhaps you want to update that :) Thanks for your post, I managed to get a taste on claypot crab rice when cia xiang was closed :P