Wednesday 14 December 2011

New Yew Sang Kopitiam @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

New Yew Sang Kopitiam @ Kelana Jaya

On the normal Sunday noon, its was nothing else besides mix rice nearby my house. Therefore, i decide to make an evolution (escape) to new place. I found here, a place that i first time discover. Found really quite a lot nice food in this kopitiam. On the peak hours, it was crowd and have to share table with other. This place will be my first choice if i really have much free time on weekend to taste their food.

Sarawak Kolok Mee   RM5 (Big)  RM4.50 (Small)
 Surprising me is the noodles come is little soup base. Previously, the standard Sarawak Kolok Mee is totally on dry base (some in charsiew sauce or plain). But here is different come is little soup base,add fish cake and even beansprout on the top. One thing i like is they actually use real CharSiew, not the fake coloring one. Perhaps, i not making wrong order with the lady boss.
Minced Meat, Meatball Noodles   RM4
The soup was really tasty. Its not like normal soup noodles base. Its added some flavor inside the soup. Should have a try on it ya.
Hakka Lui Cha  RM5
 Yes, This is my second time taste this Hakka Lui Cha. I do like this other than Ming Tien Food Court one. This one better and taste nicer. The "cha" as soup, the taste is not so heavy and acceptable for newbies.
Char Siew Wantan Noodles  RM4.5
This is not so special as everywhere also can get it. No bad comment.

Address: New Yew Sang Kopitiam 新宜生
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya
GPS: N03 06.410'  E101 35.902'

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  1. Ahh... Sarawak kolok mee!! Must try! :D

  2. @Merryn Must try.. but not bring too much expectation.. Is quite different d.. next time i share very similar one in Section 17.. Hakka Noodles..

  3. soupy kolok mee? sounds interesting. i wonder if it taste like soupy wantan mee...and the only way to know is to go check it out myself.

    i love the looks of the lui cha! heathy and crunchy.

  4. @missyblurkit soupy kolok mee is weird.. Not the typical one.. Almost like a wantan mee just different on their noodles.. I love their Lui Cha, should try it.. I think most people will accept its taste..

  5. 1. You should try their fried rice there. My boyfriend and i eat the fried rice almost every two weeks once. Yummy! The spicy fried rice with egg. If I'm not mistaken its the stall next to the Sarawak mee's stall.

    2. Ming Tien's Sarawak mee is my personal favorite and the boyfie likes the one in Taman Mayang. Try!

    3. The nicest Lui Cha I've ate so far is the one in Uptown at Puff's Garden, next to Village Park. =) Super yummy... Well, i eat it differently though.
    i) Eat all they provide in the bowl
    (My mom eats the peanuts because I'm not a big fan of peanuts).
    ii) Drink the soup later. =) YUM YUM!
    iii) Feel satisfied. BE satisfied.

    Hope you would try those! =)

    PS: Your pictures made me hungry... Don't have shizz like that here. =/ Haha!

  6. You stay in KL? I thought you're in Penang :p

  7. @Shiokleng thanks for recommendation.. I will ask try one by one.. I starting love on LUI CHA not bad.. keke

    @Charmaine Yes.. you are right.. I am from Penang.. But relocated now in PJ area.. haha

  8. ahh made me hungry!

  9. @wilee Time to catch your lunch yo.. kaka

  10. Food here looks quite nice.. dont mind trying.... I will call you if I m there... ;0)

  11. Do you believe that I didn't try the original Kolo Mee when I was at Sarawak? *slap forehead* :(

  12. @fooddream Ok.. No Prob.. Must try LUI CHA..

    @tony Thanks.. I found that is nice too..

    @choiyen WHAT? i never been visit Sarawak if not ate their original kolok mee...

  13. oh! here also got hakka lui cha. Nice dish there! :)

  14. @isaac U like lui cha? but i can recommend u this.. really not bad and acceptable flavour..

  15. I recently discovered Lui Cha. I'm looking for places to get the good stuff. Thanks for the tip. :-)

  16. @theyumlist All right.. Hope u enjoy it!