Tuesday 29 November 2011

James Foo and Family Western Food @ Fettes Park, Penang

James Foo & Family Western Food @  Fettes Park

Where to have the cheapest western food in Penang town? When i heard the news about it, I even getting excited to try it immediately. But luckily, that time i didn't go there. I just wondering, they not accept any call reservation and have to queue for seat, especially during weekend. I read thru some comment, have to wait for more than an hour to be seated. Its means that this restaurant are well popularity among Penang-ian. Therefore, is make me  must pay a visit to this, and i planned a date/time for it to avoid any disappointing.

I come early in the evening to skip the dinner time, i reach about 6pm and the shop is open on 5pm. When the time I reach, there is nearly full house already. Well at last, i get myself an outside seat/smoking area. 

Ice Milk Tea  RM2
(Left) Ice Lemon Tea   RM2.20
(Middle) Honey Green Tea  RM2.20
(Right) Apple Juice  RM3.50
Potato Salad  RM2.50
 Very special dish mix vegetable and potato!
Fresh Ox-Tail Soup  RM8
 Superlike this one! The meat well-cook till soft. The soup are full with essential of beef.
Chicken Chop  RM8
Grilled Garlic Chicken Chop  RM8
Grilled Pork with BBQ Sauce   RM8.50
Hawaiian Chicken  RM9
 Grilled Chicken with Pineapple and Ham
Holland  Chicken  RM9.50
 Grilled Chicken with Cheese, Pineapple and Ham

I very satisfied with the food, is cheap and delicious. The price is expected to be higher as the quality of food is much better than some branded high-classy western restaurant. I love the food and the price they have.

Address : James Foo & Family Western Food
21A, Jalan Fettes, Fettes Park
11200 Penang
GPS : N05 27.161'  E100 18.170'

Map Direction

Business Hour : Tues - Sun  5.00pm - 11.30pm
Closed on Monday
Tel012-4383671 / 012-4290526 (Only for Take-away)

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  1. Portion looks big yet so cheap! Super worth it (:

  2. damn,this is yummy.. ^_^.v.. Argh,ok2.. Next destination,PENANG!! ^_^.v..

  3. i wont mind having some of that chicken chop :)

  4. @Hilda Agree... Here is Penang ma.. Haha.. Everything is big and cheap..

    @aki Welcome To Penang.. Must makan alot alot...lol

    @isaac U try this before? Try their soup.. Best!

  5. Anonymous9:52 am

    yumm...the food looks good and the price seems affordable too! but too bad...so far..in Penang =_=

  6. @melissa Haha.. You may organize a gang food trip to Penang for food hunt.. Penang food is cheap and big portion!

  7. seriously...the food prices is cheap for western. very much living up to food being cheap / affordable in penang:D

  8. @missyblurkit low living cost compare to KL.. KL more attraction to spend.. HAIH.. should i just back Penang?

  9. Tried commenting this afternoon but blogger kept on coming out with error message. Anyway, I wanted to ask, "Where's the FISH? I always have FISH when I dine Western :D"

  10. @Merryn Ops.. too bad.. Blogger is messy recently.. i nearly loss my blog.. Haha.. FISH? That day no one was order fish & chip d.. I also dint notice about it.. They do have FISH FILLET or what too..

  11. another place to mark down when I head back home!!! yay.... love this kinda of western food.... cannot find them in KL hor Nikel? Cheap, big portion and taste great...

  12. @fooddream So far, not yet discover such cheap and big portion and delicious one.. Only will happen in Penang.. So, Is time for u back home.. Haha

  13. Anonymous11:24 am

    My favourite ox-tail soup certainly look appetizing! Prices is an absolute steal! Will check out when I visit north! Thx for sharing mate!

  14. @sumptuousblog U r Welcome.. Anyway, u must check it out.. Wait your comment on that soup...

  15. eh niceee! now that i know the holland chicken has pineapple. i can hardly find western price at such reasonable price around KL



  16. @fish Many saying on that too.. Must be attract most the ppl in KL to try their food..

  17. Wah finally having his own big and nice shop lot. no longer share with Toh Pui Loh chicken rice ....

  18. @ken Isnt? last time share the lot with toh pui loh food court? How come last time, i dint notice it.. Hehe..

  19. Wow, that's pretty cheap. And looks delicious too.

  20. @thristhan Absolutely yummy with that price get.. Try their Belanda chicken chop..

  21. I will go Penang during coming Chinese New Year, I will try the food there, Thanks for blogging.

    Cal @ pcblind

  22. @Calvin Thanks... Great u try that food.. But be sure confirm with there, see whether they open bussiness during CNY onot..

  23. I love James Foo food too and write a review recently. Good food Good taste..

    Wong, BestPenangFood.com