Sunday 11 December 2011

Katakan Tak Nak!

Katakan Tak Nak!

Smoking is injurious to health. Well, that is an obvious statement isn’t it? Everyone knows the dangers of smoke and second hand smoke, yet everyday there is someone who picks up a stick and gets hooked. Most of us just ignore the warnings on the package thinking that it will never happen to us. But the truth is each puff of the cigarette that is inhaled effects your life in the long term. Each puff you take, compromises the quality of your life. This video is one of the ads for the Tak Nak Campaigns ran by the Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health is very graciously organizing a photography contest with Nuffnang platform. The theme: Tak Nak!
On this post, I suppose to take a very creative photo in order to join this photo contest to get their (Cash Prize) duit free. Thus, i don't have any creativity at all, i gave-up this contest. I'm just using the traditional way "edit" to show my supportive to this #taknak campaign. On my personally, I dislike smoke which contains toxicity to harm smoker and also their friends or neighbors and may cause either who being kill by lung cancer. Bear on mind, smoking kills! I truly support this campaign!

For healthy lifestyle, do more exercise, keep away cigarette and less alcohol. Any information on good healthy lifestyle may look to this website ->>>>

Their prize is as below. Try add on some special photo skills to win this prize. Dont learnt my way! LOL

• Grand Price cash-RM 1,000.00
• 2nd Price cash-RM 700.00
• 3rd Price cash-RM 500.00
• 4th Price cash-RM 300
• 5th Price cash-RM 150
• Consolation Price – Voucher Worth RM50.00

Contest end 26 December 2011. So hurry and get your camera out and start snapping!

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