Sunday 17 January 2010

The Last of Samsung Corby Carnival Day

What i do during my busy week?
Erm,let have a guess?
Movie Marathon?Gaming Marathon?or Shopping Carnival?
wakaka..Guess what is Samsung Corby Carnival? i m joining that so called wonderful carnival...
i been invited to join this on last Saturday
16 Jan 2010

On 8.30am i heading to Sunway Lagoon
First, hunting for a cheap car parking at there..
Result is RM3 per entry at the Sunway Lagoon outdoor parking area
here is Sunway Lagoon Mascot welcoming me
at the front of Euphoria
I had been told by Lenglui receptionist said that
registration time start at 9.30am sharp

( me very kepo come an early 0f 9am,
end ups wait there for another half an hour)
time now 9.30am sharp...Q-ing for getting my Goodies Bag
Goodies Bag = Confirm Invited Guest
(i'm not going to lost my goodies bag for my invited guest status)

Inside Bag :
Adult Breakfast ---- 1
"Nikel" sticker ---- 1
Samsung Corby T-shirt ---- 1
Is time get into Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park
Sound cool..
Claim my Wristband with Samsung Goodies Bag
Samsung - Nuffnang treat us as VIP
yoyoyo...reserved whole Surf Deck for this event

"Color Me Corby" Carnival is great to me
An early breakfast is ADULT breakfast
(One tiny Sandwich and F&N Soya Bean)
*i guess this lite breakfast is Important before all Harsh xtvt
Pointing my head to "Extreme Park"
Here is MC of the day..(Liang)
he is in sporty look
He own An album??
refer to : Kellaw
Me all in Yellow Color..
izit me is on luck today?depends....

Going for
First game...(Trample On Balloon)

My yellow team won in third placing now
Second Game ( get-wet-u)

require pull all the opponent into water
This round My team loss no point gain..
but here my yellow team...we accept the reality
see all still smile to camera..

Third Game ( Wall Climbing)
due to some problem...
the game rule change to tap on Wall-top with "Corby"
* My team get First in this game
Last Game ( Paintball Fight)
This is game all long waiting to
Look our team are discuss on Tactic use on match..
we manage get a chance for shooting practice too
Team 2 loss Team 1 stay on board
Our team Hero-hero
with full combat suit

credit to them...salute!!!
Team supporter under hot hot sun
the game is end with hidden result
Grab my lunch at our Samsung Base..
Buffet Lunch
All team get refill all energy with food and drinks
This moment come after lunch
YES...result show our yellow team 1st Runner Up
Rush up to stage get our RM2500 Cash Mockcheque

Congrat to my own team
THIS orange team get Champion..Congrat to them
Get a Brand new Samsung Corby Phone each one

congrat them too...our team a bit sad not getting the phone
Me + Cash(RM100) + mockcheque
(RM2500 is divide to whole team)

*i not rich pun

Here some my Favorite Photo...
Sunway Lagoon View
Sunway Hotel & Resort---------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to Samsung - Nuffnang for invite me

Hey is a treat to u...
buy Samsung Corby Phone at RM599
For interest can look to me personally..
(Limited to those near to reach me)
p/s : wish another event coming in the year
p/s : Team Yellow can shout at my chat-box


  1. Hey good to meet you that day. The last two tasks sounds like fun! Too bad I had to go see a doctor. Thanks for the concern and for sharing the prize with me even though I was sick. Cheers bro! :)

  2. @huai bin...nvm v r team..u scarfy for the first game den juz can make our team win...keke..

  3. @Huai Bin - you were sick on that day? You don't look sick at all when you pinned me down while trying to snap on my balloon! Lucky thing I snapped your first! And hey, you gave me a bruise on my knee! Ganas lah wei! That's not how to treat a young lady, mind you! Haha.

  4. dropping by to say hello
    can i have that samsung corby voucher? heheheh
    just kidding!

  5. @atreyu welcome here
    @sexyinred erm,i can gif u tat voucher d is u want?(drop me msg)

  6. Congrats. I need some $$ too sigh.

  7. @simon oo..$$ can earn from other place..kekeke