Thursday 7 January 2010

Restaurant 3JC @ One Utama

Restaurant 3JC 三间庄 located
One Utama, Old Wing, First floor
Wong Kok cafe same row , nearest to Watson
Windows shop awhile , hungry find food eat..
find that we targeted this restaurant many times ago...
all gadget stored in the steam basket
it has a lot of weekday special promotion and promotion meal

p/s:beside that , it still have take away special discount
Ice Golden Lime
Handmade Noodles Soup
Handmade Dry Noodles
Meatball Soup

p/s:this meatball has a big history on it,
i look thru it history , discover out why it three stick together?
is becoz of it special origin of shop was a row from three shop
that why is name“三间庄” ,
then for memorialize it make its shape special in three
Total :RM25.40

remark : the price was fair enuf but if compare to
Kopitian price is of coz high expensive from it


  1. hi nikel, ur blog also got so many photos mah... some more got receipt.. haha... very good info :)

  2. haha i thought the meatballs was not handle properly before i read the "big" history :D

  3. hmmm yummy food food I love food...
    Why do you have to show the price all the time...
    your telling it´s cheap or you want someone to pay it for you...not me I´m to far (lol) from you...
    anyway nice photos and really make me feel peckish..

    kepp blogging.....

  4. I´ll add your link in my blogg

    hope you´ll do the same...brb later to check it..
    or you can visit me and check your link as well

    have a good afternoon..


  5. @henry lee ur blog not bad many visiting u too..brb sooner

    @kelvin i like to read on the menu,so that i discover doing nonsense thg

    @khim i link u as Khim....erm,why i put receipt is becoz i wan to proof it i eat it..not i copy all photo frm website and write all with it..