Friday 29 January 2010

Che Go Korean BBQ @ Sunway Pyramid

Korean BarBeQue
Korean BBQ CHE GO at Sunway Pyramid
Let's take a look on interior marking
p/s:lighting is match with it design theme
order SET A
1)香腌鸡肉 Chicken Meat
2)韩式煎饼 Fried Korean Pancake
3)鸡肉石锅拌饭 Hot Pot Chicken Bipim Bab
4) 香辣石锅泡菜汤 Hot Pot Kimuchi Soup
5) 六种拌菜/泡菜 6 Varieties Of Kimuchi

Normal Price :RM78.00++
6 Varieties Of Kimuchi
Fried Korean Pancake
Hot Pot Kimuchi SoupLive show on mix rice
Hot Pot Chicken Bipim Bab
Tableside BBQ...nice nice..preparing..

p/s: all smelly fly into my nose immediately
Cut piece chicken meat
BBQ Chicken Meat
Bill on that day RM71.30

p/s:20% discount on all bills,2 pax meal is enough to taste

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  1. Yumm, looks appetising

  2. wa.. rm 71.30 for 2 persons..
    i think it is quite expensive..
    btw hw u get the 20% discount?

  3. Anonymous11:17 pm

    nmpk mcm sedap mahal sgt la..hehehe

  4. Anonymous11:30 pm

    The lighting so red... lol

  5. hmmmm..pancake...yummy... and it´s cheap...

  6. yummy, yummy, yummy but korea food spicy right?

  7. @quirky nice n full tat day

    @kwong fei erm,i thk is normal price for korean meal...erm,for promotion d..

    @jiwang is ok d..worth

    @nikeez keke...i use white balance

    @me yummy..hope u get it smell..kekeke

  8. Droping by to say hi.. :) I have new post in section news..Read.. Thanks :)

  9. eat there before, not bad only!
    I don't think I will go back there to eat again.

    i cant post the link here. will post at your cbox!

    Che Go Korean BBQ article @ BabeBaboon

  10. uish....
    kena spend banyak duit ni nak makan sini
    makan dkt seoul garden pun okay juga

  11. Quite reasonable price and the food looks good too. I like going to restaurants with 'live shows'.