Thursday 7 January 2010

Rojak Mee & Cendol @ Section 17 , PJ

罗惹面 so call Rojak Mee
Cendol so call Cendol
here is a Van stall, point at
Section 17 Market , Petaling Jaya

can see it clearly on the roadside and crowd
Everyday is so crowd.
some for have lunch , some for have tea-time

P/s:me is come for tea-time, actually no other food was sold here,
just me categories those people by their meal-ing time
Rojak Mee
is can be treat as normal meal,
because is big portion , have a Full tank feel after ate it
weather is damn hot , the most suitable is drink on cendol
here is us , while in holiday mood,
boring boring go out find food eat

remark : weather back to hot again..
seem like need to eat some thing cold to reduce my heat


  1. boring you called your life out there hehehe
    Boring is when you can´t go out side without wearing thermo pants because it´s really freezing outside and before going anywhere you must take out the snow in your way in and out.
    Boring is when you come back home from work it´s allready dark and you must cook your own food because the restu is sooo you got a lots of fun out there in your lovely place...

  2. @khim keke...some time boring oli..not owis..

  3. OMG i know this place!! It's nearby a pasar right? I used to go there alot coz i studied in UTAR! That's the besttttt rojak mee ever! But they are increasing the price so i find it more n more unworthy :(

  4. @wen pink incresing price...u can try near KFC thr..alomost the same taste..more convenice parking...