Wednesday 6 January 2010

Restorant Kee V @ Kajang

Restaurant Kee V located at Kajang
is a well-known restaurant of Spicy Soup there
Another Branch on it
we reach there around on 10am to
have our early lunch on it

Let's take a look on it's menuSecret Recipe— Hot Soup(moderate spicy)

p/s:can choose any spicy-ness depend your favorite
Secret Recipe— Salted Fish With Meat
(Moderate Spicy)
Secret Recipe— Spicy Meat
(Moderate Spicy)

A dish without spicy , Stir Fried LettuceBill:RM113.50(on 8 pax)
GSC special portrait
Terry found on HONDA 70

remark:Love spicy will definitely love on it ,
but if cant , definitely not enjoy

official website


  1. Waaahhh look nice it halal?


  2. @smiley sorry to said not halal..will update Halal food recommend soon