Tuesday 5 January 2010

Hiking @ Broga Hill , Semenyih

3.30am wake very early to depart
the way from here to Broga Hill is a bit far
it take times , so to avoid miss out sunrise , we move early
4.30am reach at Broga Hill ,

p/s: go up the hill in dark , is rely dark
see that street light on down hill
almost 5.00am++,reach on first hilltop, we rest here
but remember we head to another hilltop

p/s:continue our journey
5.30am++ reach on third hilltop ,
here is the best view landscape

say "cheeses"
with another shot
day is clear , see cloudscape on back
i wait to see my long waiting cloudscape,its beautifuls
They still look energetic
here me with blue blue sky
cloudy sky
typical a picture of landscape
go down hill ,8am
is tired hiking , hill are slope,need extra care of step

dun alike chin chong roll down on slope,haha
(dun laugh , he is looking on this post)
here is crowd , even in one way path , at last split into
two way pathif we are many , so that many pose they have
here is some of my favorite photo...

remark : Brother , when was hiking on another hill?

credit to : Mr Ewe Keat Lun ---- DSLR Photography contributor


  1. @info wakaka..i like take photo rather than hiking...but mostly the place nice view is HILLtop..so no choice..wakaka

  2. sad.... I nvr go there... LOLx

  3. @tony i go for once only...next time mayb will go another mountain lor..keke