Monday, 4 January 2010

Genting Casino Visit

is story continue from last post
Why we were at One Utama so early morning?
that was we went to another place in few hours times
Get it RM39 Package
( Bus + Genting Skyway round trip ticket,Lunch buffet )

'Go Genting' package on price RM35(normal day)
RM39(public holiday)
Wating for bus trip
Go Genting
in time 10.30am,we on bus
(must be at bus on time,if not will miss it)
heading to Genting skyway station
as fast as lighting , we reach on the
Genting Skyway Station

its at half way to Genting Hill top
here to waiting another hour for get a cable car ride
becoz of public holiday today here is pack like sardine
ride on cable car

p/s:something funny happen in cable car that time.
Hill top now
First thing is to occupied ours hungry stomach
head to Coffee Terrace to have ours Lunch Buffet
it attached with ours buying package
take a look on 5 star hotel cafe
well prepare on variety countryside food for us to have it
food presenting the most pure look
first round
second round

p/s: i forget all food name,i just know to bite my food on that moment
we were full and energetic
is time smile to camera
here one, how ur comment?
next,come to here
Monte Carlo is one of among casinos at Genting
We visit for first time , after celebrating 21 y.o
here is one
which handed on all people hand

on time 5.30pm we leave on the casino room,
rush to skyway to have ride back cable car

p/s: if u are drive, do remember park only your car at
outdoor car park at One Utama to enjoy RM1 per entry


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