Tuesday 12 January 2010

A&W @ SS2 , Petaling Jaya

SS2 New Open A&W outlet
located same row with KFC and also
nearby Wong Kok - Hong Kong Cafe
Yes,A&W More Than The Usual
Let'go on First floor , have split out a Smoking Zone

p/s : Smoking is Not Good For Health

p/s : Second Smoke also not good for health,
so no chance sit near and see the smoking area
Waffle With Single Scoop Ice-Cream
Supreme Hot Dog
Fren Fries 炸薯条Of Course , not left out of A&W Tradition Drink
Use RM13.85 buy a empty lite receipt

p/s : expensive this receipt?

Official Site

p/s : Now can go SS2 to have our A&W Rootbeer or Waffle,
is no more go far to AMcorp Mall to have it.
Good Job


  1. Anonymous5:30 pm

    I missed A&W!

  2. @cockroach hurry to ill ur heart...grab it nw..wakaka

  3. dah lama tak pi a&w...rootbeer dia best..

    Great Teacher Onizuka

  4. @eyriqazz pigi la..minum sepuas puas..kekeke..

  5. I really don´t like when you show me the bills....(lol) have a good weds....

  6. @me u dun like den ignore it la..thx

  7. i ate a&w last Christmas after 20 years didn't eat it! miss the root beer so much but quite disappointed with the size of the serving of the food. dont you think it is tiny?

  8. AnW is starting to get back on track and competing with the other FNB big names...goodd

  9. There is no more A&W us Singapore...

  10. @purplelady erm,i agree to u in the size of serving food is tiny compare to Carl's junior...but it jus another try food on mine size here...do you thk so?

    @hemy yaya..is grow fast n up faster n younger nw

    @kelvin come to johor there have ur A&w meal la...keke..mayb city square there have one..

  11. hv u tried the double fortune burger
    i read on a blog said that the burger suxx
    dunno about this new branch thou

  12. @azizi erm, not yet tried..or else u go try on it..tell me the taste on ur nearest branch there..

  13. wakakkakaa i just dine in last week and took some picture but haven post..
    thanks to my friends it was my first time eating the super expensive waffle with ice cream~~
    ok la nt bad~

  14. @kwong fei yaya..the waffle is expensive but is great...

  15. WTF NOW ONLY THEY OPEN?! T__T I used to study nearby.. now i am no more studying there.. but NOW ONLY THEY OPEN!!! So sad!

  16. should serve real beer la...root beer is soo 60s

  17. @wen Pink ....keke..come visit here again la..ma can eat lor..

    @Salty beer not halal la..dey nid consider of market value ar...