Sunday 3 January 2010

Otak-otak Place @ One Utama

Is Morning walk at One Utama shopping mall,
hunting for breakfast...
(act it time was late to have breakfast)
focus point on Otak-otak place
Food & memories on u...
i love this slogan as u
p/s: i like this slogan...wakakaBreakfast and Tea-time Promotion
Childhood memory still there?
little little cute soldier...miss it
glass bottle cap , is an game on it?
ask ykit for further instruction
few them playing Happy Family game..
still remember that simple Pick+match game?
form a full family member means complete a game
Baker , Gardener , on
a lot of old toys placing there as display
Coal Lamp

p/s:after moment is the food present
Firstly,Biscuit with hot Tea

p/s:its my first time to see this combination at outside cafe.
Toasted Bread + Steamed Otak-otak
Nasi lemak
Toasted bread with Kaya and butter
half boiled eggToasted bread + Curry Chicken
total :RM37.05
Another RM5 meal voucher with
minimum spending of RM20

remark : why we were there so early in the morning?will discuss on next post..


  1. hmmm make feel like eating soon...

  2. @me wakak..go grab it almost all around KL

  3. love their otak otak! and not to forget the sell ding dang too!

    ah, btw it'll be nice if you could skip the extra link when commenting? the spam system doesn't like it. :)

    I mean the Nikel Khor.

    Cheers and happy new year!

  4. @ky wakaka..taste on it well soon...hapi new year