Friday 8 January 2010

Keong 's 23 Birthday @ 6th College

First, said "Happy Birthday" to Keong @ My Senior Buddy
before yesterday , u get a fool from those dem.
dun angry dem lor...
but , tonight is real celebration for you
Tiger Said " Happy Birthday to u"
This gang of people early early oredi waiting here
for surprise.haha
i guess is Keong has know about it
here he come,ah Mau said :“Dont dont”
Dont what? is dont waiting....
“dang dang dang” here is cake online
after it on present giving
Sing Sang Song
“Little Cute Tiger” Cake
Candle is lighten , why dont blow it out?
Wish on it , Blow on it
What wish on about?
is this?isnt this?
here another us?of course is maybe on all us?
small slice cake
Maw Lin Close-up

Remark : Early stage funky , end stage sh....
that calvities is Shyt..they all is down stage

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