Thursday 20 May 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole....Ole Ole...

Fifa world cup 2010 turning back

Whole world is mad with it right on the moment
can see all those the merchandise sold all the street
even the pirate one on the Petaling Street , KL

Maybe the China there is busy making all the product for sold
on the Fifa or final check the High Quality Ball for FIFA game

(i saw some article about this )

okok..back back to topic

Of course the world champion - Brazil
will be the top desired and famous football national team win the world cup

as far they are the frequent champion among all the national football team
around the world.
Guess Malaysia team will be in after 20,30,40 years

to catch the FIFA WORLD CUP qualification chances

Not only because of the playing skill ....
some support is because their Famous trademark
some support is because their handsome player
some support is because their friends do like it very much

haha...for seldom me watch the football match..
i duno ever all the football team name available
even who names the player i also dunno

i watch because of follow my friends and even follow the world trend
change time by its make me more topic among my colleagues

Ya...will catching the Brazil Team in the FIFA world cup game soon
by start 11/6/2010 till the Final game

(Brazil see u there)

I may be catch myself in front the laptop or TV to watch LIVE game
or choose the food stall place have Live game show and
do my blog while watching game show..

(nice plan)
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