Tuesday 18 May 2010

My Taste Kopitiam @ Banting Business Centre

Firstly , wan head to Mcdonalds, Banting for free WiFi and free flow coke
but end up with too crowd there and no plug for my Laptop

so have no choice change location to this Kopitiam
for free Wifi but not free drinks
My Taste Kopitiam

#just in front of the favorite Mcdonalds corner shop lot
here has promotion and must-try menu

Orange Juice
Honeydew Juice
favorite coke

#is too forgetful that time...we had order French fries
but is too rush and end up no take a single photo of it.

#free wifi here


  1. lol... jz an orange juice and a coke?

    so how about the foods? nice or not? :D

  2. @sonnykazu erm,tat time is supper time...no more food allow...wakaka..so..next time just for food..giv me chance to on9 mah..

  3. so free? holiday or intern?

  4. Have you been to Banting's Beggar Chicken?

  5. @seon haiz...intern la..not free pun...

    @thomas not yet have time go eat that d..

    @嘉琬 ???!!!!

  6. Anonymous4:53 pm

    hi, you also cover mytaste? nothing special la actually, except for cheap drinks (some still expensive).

    i covered this earlier when it first opened. feel free to read:

    and just added on a "night bak kut teh shop":

    enjoy =)

  7. @julian last time, i owis online there..so write little bit about it lar...really the taste so so only..